Comic Picks of the Week 6/12/13

This is a fantastic Wednesday. It is big and has a couple if really good releases I think should be checked out. I always look forward to new comic day but rarely like this one. So on to the speculation picks of the week.

1. Walking Dead 111 – always a must but and with the three “tribes” conflict coming to a head these issues will be key. You should always pick up pre-100 books but lately these issues have introduced characters that will be big later.

2. The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys – Gerard Way of ‘My Chemical Romance’ is back at the helm of a Dark Horse comic. ‘Umbrella Academy’ was a huge crossover hit, not just with comic fans but music fans as well. The Free Comic Book Day issue spiked after release. I will have phantom variants up on my eBay site.

3. Superman Unchained- the variants are already pulling big dollars on the secondary market before it has been released.

4. Batman 21- Year Zero starts. Batman has been a solid performer and a great book.

5. A1 #1- Return of the award winning anthology returns. I will also have the phantom variant of this on my ebay site

Honorable mentions: Six Gun Gorilla this golden age public domain character is back and it seems like a fun quirky story.

Peter Panzerfaust 11- Cry Wolf story line begins. Book Issues have been hot. And this one features hook prominently on the cover and in the story. (Granted 10 bombed on the secondary market but 8 and 9 which featured hook did quite well.

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