Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list 6/21/13


Sorry for getting this out late.

One way to tell what comic has heat to it is seeing what retailers are ordering. The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list shows what retailers are increasing their orders on before the books come out. A lot of books on the list tend to be new books retailers are being asked about or second issues that retailers enjoyed success with selling the first issue. So without further ado, this week’s advanced reorders.

  1. Superior Spiderman Team-up #1 – People seem to love Spider-Ock and his books sell well. New series.
  2. Superman Unchained #2 – Who is the “real Superman”? First issue sold well even with high cover price.
  3. Mysterious Strangers #1 – Hit Oni Press free comic books day issue garnered interest in this series. New Sixth Gun or Helheim for Oni? Only time will tell
  4. Mysterious Strangers #2 – Only time will tell until we get to #4 on this list.
  5. East of West #4 Blank Sketch Variant – Hit Series from Hickman getting the blank sketch treatment. People love these for getting convention sketches. Walking Dead did one and price shot up to $8 overnight.
  6. Batman #22 – DC juggernaut book. Year Zero story line.
  7. Superman Unchained #2 75th anniversary variant – See #2
  8. Superior Spiderman Team-up #1 Launch Party Variant – See #1
  9. Green Lantern Corps #22 – Increased interest in books due to free power rings (powers not included)
  10. Wake #1 2nd Printing – Issue 1 sold so well it has gone to a second print. Really a great read and at $2.99 should be on everyone’s pull list.
  11. East of West #3 2nd printing – How are people still not buying this book?
  12. Astro City #2 – Kurt Busiek’s famed story at Vertigo, 1st issue sold strongly mostly on strong storytelling and loyal fan base.
  13. Superman Unchained #2 75th anniversary variant – See #2 and #7
  14. True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2- FCBD issue was a hit as was #1. Retailers ordering heavy on this quirky series done by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Fans of Umbrella Academy and his band are picking this up.
  15. Hawkeye #12 – Marvel’s best written series.
  16. Justice League of America #6 – Trinity tie in
  17. Superior Spiderman Team-up #1 Blank Variant- See #1 and #8. People love blank variants.
  18. Best of EC Artist Edition – Fantastically done oversized hardcovers reprinting the un-inked and un-colored original art. IDW has done well with these editions.
  19. Star Wars Vol. 1 TPB – Dark Horse New hit Star Wars Series
  20. Ghosted #1 – New Image series that looks cool. Think Ghostbusters meets Oceans 11. A team of thieves break into a house to steal ghosts. How do you steal ghosts?
  21. Collider #1- New Vertigo book that is getting pre-release buzz.
  22. Superior Spiderman #13 – People love Spider-Ock….
  23. TMNT New Animated Adventures #1 – TMNT is hot again, all ages book based on Cartoon Network series
  24. Quantum and Woody #1 – New Valiant book based on previous fan favorite characters. This could be the Valiant issue to speculate on
  25. Six Gun Gorilla #2 – People went crazy over this book and it sold out quickly. Great story and art

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