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Black Panther Mondo Glass Designed by Francesco Francavilla

Mondo Con has come and gone but that’s not stopping Mondo from releasing some really cool tumbler glasses, particularly one for the upcoming Black Panther hitting movie theaters this February. Advertisements

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Hoknes Comics $2 comics heating up sale.

From our friend and frequent contributor here at, Terry Hoknes

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Wool #1 for cover

This is an act quick deal. They will be gone before you know it.

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Captain America Winter Soldier Movie Spec

Cleaning up things a bit tonight and ran across this, which was supposed to run 3/20/14. A little late, but looks ahead at the next Captain America Movie after Winter Soldier. A lot of the books tied in with the … Continue reading

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Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar optioned for a movie

Jim Starlin’s awesome space fantasy epic Dreadstar has been optioned for a movie.

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Dredd Underbelly 2nd Print: A comic heating up

Thanks to Wiley S. in the comments for this tip and this one is a bit of a surprise. Dredd Underbelly sold out quickly a little while back and shot up in price due to the small print run and … Continue reading

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Superior Spider-man #30 sells out at distributor level

Spoilers below. Do not read if you don’t want to know. 

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Comics Heating Up turns one

Hey everybody,  Just wanted to send a personal thank you to each and every person who has stopped by and visited CHU in the past year. 

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Full list of comic releases for 3/26/14

Here is the full list of books being released today, 3/26/14.  

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Walking Dead Spec

Man, tonight’s The Walking Dead episode was intense. I mean really intense. It has been a slow season, if you look back. The Governor was the “big bad” this season, a rehash from last, well up until the mid season … Continue reading

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