‘Uncanny’ From Dynamite Sells out

Wow, good two weeks for new comics selling out. We have mentioned ‘X-Files #1’, ‘Wild Blue Yonder #1’ and ‘Half Past Danger 1&2’ have sold out quickly. Now, it looks Like Dynamite Entertainment is getting in on the action.

‘Uncanny’ #1, by Andy Diggle, has sold through its initial print run of 15,600 copies. Expect a second printing of the sold out first issue. It looks like #2 has been under ordered and we may see this on a future Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list. Since the book just came out Wednesday, you should be able to still find a copy on your local retailers shelves. These are the kind of books that could heat up in the fall once the convention season is in full swing.

4 thoughts on “‘Uncanny’ From Dynamite Sells out”

  1. Cool. What does 2nd print under order exactly mean? I know there’s rare cases that the 2nd print is more valuable than the 1st print, but I suppose under ordering means there’s enough of the 1st print to go around?

    1. I changed the wording to make it less confusing. It said to expect a 2nd print and then it said #2 was under ordered. So i changed it up to avoid confusion. Thanks for the heads up.

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