Comics picks of the week for 7/10/13

Every week a ton of new books come out. Every week we put out our picks for what we think will be hot and why. Let us know what you think will be big this week. And trust me this is a big week for new releases.

1. Justice League #22 – Trinity War begins. Superman gets possessed.

2. Sheltered #1 – Image comics new first issue. Pre-apocalyptic story that has been getting a lot of positive heat prerelease.

3. East of West #4 – I see this series going up in price near the end of the year. These early issues are going to pop. Hickman’s post Apocalyptic tale (see #3 for the first Pre apocalyptic tale reference)

4. Ghosted #1 – Another new Image #1. Imagine Oceans 11 meets 13 Ghosts. A group of thieves try to steal ghosts from a haunted house. The previews on this looked really good.

5. Walking Dead 112 – Big stuff ahead for this book. Always a good pick up. Try getting below 100 cheap, when the new story line starts it will be “try getting below 115 cheap.”

6. Quantum and Woody #1- Fan Favorite Valiant book returns.

7. True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2 – Fcbd issue was good. #1 was convoluted. See if #3 makes the list.

8. Ballistic #1 – Black Mask Studios new #1 done by Darrick Robertson artist of Transmet and The Boys.

I could keep going with Helheim #5, GFT Zombies, Skin Trade, Batman 22, Peter Panzerfaust 12, I mean this really is a huge week for good comics and speculation.

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