Clone picked up by Universal for tv show

Skybound just tweeted that Clone has been picked up by Universal for a Tv show. Looks like this book will be off to the races.


Might not hurt to check out getting a copy here because, Clone #1 starting at $2.90 on Amazon

Clone #2

Clone #3 for about cover price

Clone #4 for $1.90

Clone #5 for $2

Plus there is the Clone#1 “Charlie Adlard Variant”

5 thoughts on “Clone picked up by Universal for tv show”

  1. I lost interest in this series after number 5 and 6.. I guess we’ll see if it actually ends up on our tv screens or not. Seems a lot of books get picked up but making it all the way is quite rare.

    1. well it has two things going for it. 1. Kirkman is the producer. He is a golden boy at the moment with the Walking Dead. 2. NBC passed over the Walking Dead and is now trying to get in on the gravy train. This is already scheduled for 2014 television season if reports are to be believed. So it was not only picked up but the deal is done. Hold those books for a little longer and you might have some real money as opposed to the burn/flip method of selling them.

      1. Cool, I don’t usually sell my comics that enter my collection but this might be one series I would be willing to part with since I stopped buying after number 6.

        Clone #1 I believe had a sales run of 23,292 from what I can dig up. #2 at 11,144, #3 at 10,525, #4 at 8,589 and #5 at 8,076.

        I’m not sure on the variants though.

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