Ghosted from Image and Skybound now ongoing series

News out of SDCC just isn’t stopping. Image comics seems to be at the forefront of all this. Just announced via twitter Ghosted, which we reported recently issue 1 sold out and is going back for a second print, is now an ongoing series. After just one issue!

Pick the first prints up now while you can…. Ghosted #1 for below cover price


6 thoughts on “Ghosted from Image and Skybound now ongoing series”

  1. Hi guys,
    This is totally unrelated but. I came across an old Acclaim black and white promotion/retailer incentive or advertisement for the shadowman comics (I don’t really know what to call it). It has places for you to hole punch and put in a binder of sorts if you so choose. Is this worth anything, I found it at my local comic shop and want to purchase it, the owner will need to be persuaded 🙂 How much should I throw at this. I am a big Valiant fan but do not want to throw money away foolishly though. Please help.

    1. When you said it was a comic I knew just what you were talking about. I have some vertigo retailer previews but none of the Valiant. They are not common but not rare.

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