Larry’s Comics Market Report for the week of 8/7/13

Larry Doherty from Larry’s Comics puts out one of the greatest newsletters each week that deals with comic sales and speculation. Lately, he has been taking time off because of summer. We will run them every time we get them. Orange titles are clickable. Here is this weeks:


Hey guys,
Here is my shops weekly report for this week.
I just set up at Boston Comicon & chatted with literally hundreds of fans, retailers & creators about what’s happening in the market.

The number of families & young fans blew me away at Boston Comicon! This is a very positive sign for the market. TMNT, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man, My Little Pony were all in demand alongside mainstream super-heroes.

Based on the amount of Cosplay, if a publisher could score a license for Minecraft they would make a boatload of cash right now.

Top ten
Regular issue new comics by sales:Here is the top ten list of actual sales in my shop. These are just one shop out of 1,900 direct market shops actual sales. Every shop is different.

#1 – Batman Annual #2. Not only is “Alpha Dog” for the week, but the Batman title is the top seller in my shop. DC employs the magic formula: Great story + great art + great character = great seller! A special ZERO YEAR tie-in ta boot.

#2 – Uncanny X-Men #9 . This is one of the titles that is raising the “X” banner to it’s former glorious heights. Check them out! This is what fans want. X-books that matter and are “gasp” good!

#3 – Batman Incorporated #13 . This is one bad ass ending to the death of Damien saga. Grant Morrison kicks total ass in this one. It is also potentially a MAJOR key issue, with the first appearance of something very interesting.

#4 – Guardians of the Galaxy #5 . Fans are interested to see what Mr. Bendis is planning to do with Mr. Gaimen’s character: Angela.

#5 –X-Men #3. This book is selling great, but in my opinion reads like one fifth of a Brian Wood Vertigo trade paperback.

#6 – Last of Us American Dreams #4. “Rock Star” of the week. We ran a promotion with a local video game store & sold the crap out of this crossover.

#7 – Detective Comics Annual #2 . DC’s annuals have been spot on mediocre. Most DC new 52 titles have not only jumped the shark, they have gone full blown “Sharknado”

#8 – Trinity of Sin Pandora #2 . Fans want DC’s Trinity crossover. This weak sister crossover had to suffice for the week. I hope DC didn’t derail the train by not shipping a core part of Trinity this week.

#9 – Daredevil #29 . Mark Waid is penning a run for the ages here. When did Mr. Waid ever write a bad paper comic anyway? 🙂

#10 –WAKE #3 (OF 10). The team of Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy are absolutely hitting it out of the par with the vertigo & creator owned crowd. Snyder’s work on Batman is pulling in the casual mainstream reader as well.

Honerable mentions: Collider #1 & Captain Midnight #1.

Although not top ten sellers, Mostly due to Image comics “mainstreaming” creator owned material, fans are hungry to try new quality product. Both of these books were incredible reads & we hand sold them tirelessly. It’s a golden era for creator owned & original material.

Top “ten-ish.”
Regular issue new ( last year ) comics by aftermarket:
Modern comics that are seeing aftermarket activity. Ebay, Amazon, CGC boards, Bleeding Cool, conventions & my Phantom retailer network of 25+ shops are the primary source of this information. Not the top selling books in comic stores, rather the currently published, modern books that are selling above cover price for a variety of reasons. Prices are so volatile, in some cases they are out of date upon publication. This is just a guide, you figure them out, it’s fun. It’s simple, search E-Bay under completed auctions:

Day Men #1.

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth.


The Last of Us #1, 2 & 3. New video game based property has been an online sales beast, bucking the latest trend of a downturn.

Hoax Hunters. The latest recipient of Hollywood love.

Rachel Rising #1. Yeah, rising in price due to TV rumors.

Uber #0. Nazi shock violence for the sale of shock violence

East of West #1 Quality new mythology has this on everyone’s radar.

Peter Panzerfaust. Rumored stop motion animated show for BBC

Injustice #1. This video game tie in hasn’t even begun.

The Sixth Gun. NBC passing on the TV show.

Mind MGMT. The recent movie development news has fans scrambling. #1-$50

Saga. This is the title defines the recent Image revival.

Five Ghosts #1. Positive word of mouth.

Top ten “ish” up & coming modern Key issues.

Modern comics that are just starting to see aftermarket movement. Books that were recently not in demand, and are finally experiencing aftermarket activity for a variety of reasons.

Avengers #257. First Nebula. Karen Gillan as Nebula in the upcoming Guardians movie, make this a no-brainer.

Jokers Daughter. DC’s upcoming Villains month features a book on the Clown Prince of Crimes Daughter. Her New 52 identity is unknown. If she turns out to be Duela Dent, Batman Family #6 is a great buy right now. It’s ALL speculation.

Spider-Man 2099. Obviously Miguel O’Hara
just got “time quaked” into the current Marvel Universe in Age of Ultron #10. I knew he was coming to Dan Slott’s storyline this year, I just didn’t know how. As usual, I was simply ahead of the curve. 🙂 His first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #365 is well worth your two dollars right now.

Captain Marvel #27. First appearance of Mistress Death.

DC 1st issue special #2. With ART BALTAZAR and FRANCO reinventing The Green,I’ll risk $3

Spaawn #9. First appearance of Angela.

Batman the Dark Knight Returns #2 . First full in costume Carrie Kelly.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 vol 2. Fans are starting to focus on this affordable #1

Wolverine #166. 1st appearance Dog

Uncanny X-Men #282. First Bishop. The second print is tough to find.
Guardians of the Galaxy 24 & 25 (vol 2), return of Thanos.
X-Factor #5 & 6. First Apocalypse. Rumored villain in upcoming X-movie

Batman #7. First full appearance Harper Row. Rumored new Robin.

Captain America vol 5 #6. First full appearance of the Winter Soldier

New Mutants #16. First Warpath $10

Top ten modern Key issues at my shop.

Modern comics that sell off my wall constantly. My shop sales are primarily new material, & my back issue sales tend to be related. I have a waiting list for most of these books.

New Mutants #98. With an X-Force movie in development & the recent success of the video game, the first appearance of Deadpool is an entire generations Hulk 181.

TMNT #1. This is an entire generations “grail”. They are usually twenty somethings & they are usually collecting everything turtles.

Kimota! All Miracleman issues have been flying amidst Marvel rumors. Ms Marvel #16 & 17 are on fire lately. Mystique is a top Marvel villain.

Walking Dead #1. The undisputed king of the modern era. Actually ANY WD pre 100.

Uncanny X-Men #266. 1st Gambit is always a $40 instant sale.
Uncanny X-Men #141 &142. Days of future past movie source

Captain Marvel #33 – Origin of Thanos $50

Incredible Hulk #271. 1st comic book App Rocket Raccoon. $50

Nova #1. The new marvel series has fans scrambling for this relatively inexpensive bronze age key. $40+

Batman Harley Quinn. Iconic Alex Ross cover $50

Infinity Gauntlet, War, Crusade, Abyss. Thanos, Thanos Thanos.

The Killing Joke. It’s simply the best Joker wall book in the 25 year history of my shop. $25

Batman Animated #12. Every Bat fan wants the first appearance of Harley Quinn. $85

My Top ten “ish” under-valued modern comics.

These are books I’m speculating will soon see aftermarket activity, & are currently under-valued in my humble opinion, some may even be found in the bargain bins. I want to buy these books on the cheap. They’re long-shots. ( I’m not spending hooker or booze money on them. )

Villains month is going to have a Doomsday title. He has ALWAYS been a fan favorite in my shop. He’s considered a major villain by an entire generation. Man of Steel #18 is VERY undervalued right now.

The Wrath is scheduled to make his New 52 debut in Detective comics #22, so Batman Special #1 look like a nice buy.

The SHIELD trailer looks killer!

Action Comics Vol 1 #845 January, 2007. First modern day General Zod.

Hank Henshaw appearances. The new 52 version is coming.

Eric O’ Grady key’s: Irredeemable Ant Man #1-12, Secret Avengers #23 & #32

Marvel Red Sonja #1. Gail Simone is taking over Dynamite series.
Rom #1. IDW just untangled the rights. If Nova & Ms Marvel can get hot, why the hell not Rom?
Marvel Spotlight Vol 2 #6 . first comic appearance of Star Lords father J’son of Spartax ( I like ALL Star Lord appearances )

Uncanny X-Men #172-3.Movie source material with Mariko Yashida

New X-Men #134. First Quentin Quire.

Star Brand #1. First New Universe & brand/tattoo: The Star Brand.

Thor #344. First appearance Malekith ( In upcoming Thor-2 movie )

Invaders vol 2 #1. First Dr. Nemesis

Uncanny X-men #317. First Blink. In upcoming X movie.
Marvel Point One. First Sam Alexander Nova

Battle Scars #1 & #6. First full Phil Coulson & Marcus Johnston.

The Invincible Iron Man #10. First Pepper Potts as Rescue.

Young Avengers #1. First Kate Bishop. My favorite Marvel female.
Ms Marvel #1. She’s rumored to be in Avengers 2 movie.

Ultimate Team Up #5. First African American Nick Fury in comics.

Captain America #157. first appearance of Viper

Deathshead appearances. Absolute quarter box fodder. I’m currently researching which to buy.

Top ten modern variant comics by aftermarket:
Variants are versions of the regular issue comic. They are NOT regular issue comics.
They are distributed / created for a variety of reasons.
Order incentive / retailer incentive, produced exclusively for shops/shows,events.

Day Men #1.

Walking Dead #1 Wizard World variants.

Superman Unchained #1 Retailer Roadshow 3D Cover

East of West #1 Forbidden Planet $30, ComicsPro/Ghost $15

Nowhere Men #1 Thought Bubble, ComicsPro, CBLDF.

Skottie Young marvel Babys. fans simply adore these.

Blank sketch covers. There seems to be an insatiable need for these by auto / sketch seekers.

Five Ghosts #1 ECCC.
Phantom variants. You know you love them. Generally sold $3.99 in shop sell for $10 online.

My pick of the week. The comic shipping this week that will be worth your valuable speculator y consideration, and why.



(W) Dan Parent (A) Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski (CA) Ryan Jampole & Various

“A Kiss ISN’T Just a Kiss!”-We’ve all heard of PDA (public displays of affection), and how sometimes it’s appropriate, but other times it goes too far. When Kevin gives Devon a simple goodbye kiss, reactions ignite in peculiar fashion. And when one person overreacts, the debate begins: what’s appropriate and what is not. What’s even more surprising is who’s on Kevin’s side of the debate-and it’s not someone who you would think! So pucker up, and enjoy the next chapter of Kevin’s adventures in Riverdale!

Kevin is about to enjoy his first kiss. Who doesn’t like a good smooch?
I’m betting somebody’s panties will get all bunched up & cause some type of controversy. I like controversy in comics, it usually creates a nice volatile short term window to speculate.

Kiss me.
It is shipping SOLD OUT at the distributor level.

I have been collecting comics since the 1970’s & been in the business of selling them since the 1980’s. I love a quality story & a great buy, equally.

I speculate on new comics every week. I always have & I always will. Purchasing modern comic books with the intent of making a profit is my hobby of choice. It’s impossible that every new comic week will generate a book of “Walking Dead class” potential, but it’s still fun to try to make savvy buys. You can sit back & wait for aces, or you can play the hand your dealt to the best of your ability.

Sometimes, I’m right. Sometimes I’m wrong, but I play every week.

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  1. 1st Blink app. should be a good one. I speculated on this on my site as well. Larry is spot on with the 1st Wrath app. I feel Synder wants to make him a major Batman villain. I don’t get why Viper is speculated? Crossbones rather ( he will be in next Captain America movie).

  2. Also Larry, I apologize in advance if my picks coincide with yours, I had no prior knowledge to your 1st Nebula pick nor of your excellent speculator posts! Your picks are good. I’ll try to make mine every week before I even look at yours, and compare!

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