Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 8/14/13

Each week we go over what is being released on Wednesday and give our how’s and why’s on what we think will heat up. This week is not a huge week for new series, but we do have the return of some old favorites.

1. Saga #13– after a two month hiatus, Saga returns. With its return to a monthly shipping schedule we are looking for a pickup in previous issue sales, and interests in earlier issues. This issue is a jumping on point for readers coming off the TPB.

2. East of West #5– Hickman’s series is fantastic. We are at the point in the series where the first prints of the earlier issues should start to see an uptick in value. Even the reprints of the early issues are hard to find.

3.Walking Dead #113– Just two issues away from the biweekly shipping “All Out War” storyline which will ship about the same time as the start if the fourth season of the tv show. Past trends have indicated that issues released before the start of a season jump up in price (look at 90-93). Really, this is a book that doesn’t need to be sold as all back issues pretty much go for a premium even with the large print runs on the book.

4. Infinity #1- Marvel’s crossover miniseries has garnered a lot of buzz, to the point where some online retailers are not taking Pre-orders on the book anymore and are showing as sold out.
I will have a limited amount of Store Variants available for this one come Wednesday for $14.99 shipped if anyone is interested.


5. Ghosted #2– First issue sold out. Then it was announced this would be an ongoing. Plus it is backed by Kirkman through his studio Skybound, which almost every book he has put out has had a movie or tv deal. (Mark it, I would imagine Kirkman is working on something for this one as well.)

13 thoughts on “Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 8/14/13”

    1. Yeah I am liking it too. Titan has been doing well on the secondary market thanks to right art and writing combined with small print runs. I had it on the list and then took it off.

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      1. What are your thoughts for the upcoming Halo by dark horse? My initial thinking is that it’s going to be a $20.00 like Last of Us and will sell out.

    2. I picked up a copy of ‘It Came!’ as soon as I read your recommendation, and now I see that there aren’t any to be found on eBay.

  1. Yeah, that’s true. I thought about that. I guess this one is different because it’s the first and only one published by Dark Horse that gave me hope. I’ll be watching too.

      1. eh, i doubt garfield will heat up, i’m just throwing it a bone because ive collected the run of comics so far from kaboom!. so i threw it out there for the people who like #1 issues. Grimm is just because im in portland and this is where they film the tv series. So I also throw this one a bone.

        On a side note, can’t wait for saga. probably can go read it now being this day of age.

        1. I think Garfield is actually close to being sold out. I picked up the first Grimm, have the Phantom Variant, but it just didn’t hook me. Saga is the big one. The hiatus killed me.

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  2. You always seem to get a lot of hard to get variants. Do you own your own retail store? Would u mind sharing how you get your variants.

    1. No, I do not own a retail store, just an eBay store. I get the variants because I am nice to retailers. I get phantom and store variants directly from the retailers at cover or less. They are usually nice to me and give me multiples at good deals. Let me know if you are interested in anything and I can hook you up.

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