CGC-ing ‘The Outliers’ #1? Here is what you should know

Thank you to Matthew Swanson for the info.

I received an email this morning in reference to a request sent to CGC about grading ‘The Outliers #1’. There are two issues with the book that have to be accounted for. The first is, many of the books shipped from the publisher had a sticker over the bar code. this was done as some of the bar code printed had the black run together, which made them unreadable by a bar code scanner. The second issue is the dust cover the book was wrapped in. Here is the response from CGC.

“If the book has any kind of dust jacket, the sleeve will not be graded and encapsulated. We cannot safely encapsulate it with the book, there’s the risk of the sleeve shifting in the holder and getting damaged. As for the sticker, if it is on the actual book, the book will be given a green, qualified label. Meaning that there’s a particular defect to the we’re overlooking so that it doesn’t affect the grade of the book. If the sticker is on the sleeve, then it’s not an issue because we won’t grade the sleeve anyway and it will be returned along with the graded comic book.”

Thanks again to Matthew for the leg work on this.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I’m still patiently waiting on the ‘big news’ regarding this book you have…

    Hmmmm what could it be?

  2. Hummmm….should we remove the sticker? I guess that it wouldn’t really matter if they won’t grade the sleeve. Is this good news or bad news about CGC? By the way, I’m NOT a fan of CGC (especially the absurd prices), but I understand why people would want it…

    1. Hmmm…I remember all of my copies have a sticker on it. I thought it would be a poor idea to remove, so I left them on there. Does that mean, the dust cover slip thingy can be removed for it to be CGC graded? Therefore, having the sticker is a non-issue because the sleeve would have to be removed? I was very delicate with the book, so I pretty much bagged and boarded them. Does anyone know if this sleeve simply slips off or is it attached? Thanks!

    2. As far as getting mine Graded. I’m all set with that. CGC can be Suspect at times. We all know that collecting Comic Books Everyone has there own way of grading. I grade my books to the best of my ability. And as a seller, I have %100 Feedback. And as far as me buying Comic Books online I have had no problems. So if individuals choose to get there’s Graded Awesome. More Paper for them.

      1. This is all good news than. These books seem to be constructed well and are tough, so I’m thinking 9.8’s shouldn’t be a problem. May even get 10.0. I’d invest and get this done myself as well.

  3. Well I am not A fan of the CGC modern books era myself, but i’ll add my opinion anyways.

    The slip cover is a fantastic addition to the book and I feel without it its just not the same. Even a graded 9.9 copy without the rest of the book just doesn’t seem worth it. Maybe getting a signature series book graded at that level would be something of value to a collector. People on ebay will gladly shell out 200 or more for a CGC 9.8 copy of the book, so get your money if thats your thing.

    1. This is exactly why I am only submitting three copies. I have the same feeling about it not being the same work of art without the sleeve and that there’s a chance that collectors might stay away. If I were to try to sell any on ebay or wherever I would of course include the sleeve (with its own bag and board) and even the patch that came with it. we’ll see what happens.

      1. Has anyone had any luck with The Mocking Dead #1 Subscription Cover? I found a huge lot at this shop I went to. Not sure to invest in them.

  4. @PROPHECY75
    My opinion on this book is that its for a certain audience. Comedy books dont do very well at high dollar, but again this is my opinion. Ebay has a few BIN copies for about 30 bucks and auctions have bids About 8 bucks with about a day left.

    1. I found 6 subs and about a dozen regulars. Bought all the subs. I’ll be listing my copies shortly and hope for the best..

    2. @1195200 I hear you on that. I gave it a read, it seemed ok. Have any of you read Tomrrow’Land #1-#2? I liked it. Not bad.
      I had a blast reading Ballistic #1. Funny as Hell!

  5. Is Oultiers #1 cooling down? I just saw an ebay auction end at $38! Some folks are still asking crazy BIN prices, but if the heat has subsided on the book, then it’s going to be a hard sell!

    Flip while you can, I guess! I’m holding my 8 copies, so it doesn’t really bother me regarding the short term roller coaster. I rode it when Peter Panzerfaust was a weak seller, THEN THE BBC TV SHOW NEWS HIT, and the rest is history. So, my 2 full-set runs of PP are still desired on the secondary market, so I’m good with that! I’m also still holding my CHEW full run, even though the price has been fluctuating a bit over the last year or so. When the right movie/tv company gets it right with this book, the series will be as hot as WD…NO DOUBT! So, it may be a good time to buy a set or two…I just saw a full set on EBAY…(BIN OR MAKE OFFER) for $520! I personally think that’s a bargain, considering the tv show is still on. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH…that’s the name of this game isn’t it?????


    1. The only 2 copies Outliers that are on ebay UK are mine & a friend of mines. I have a quite a few copies & sold 4 at £20 to £25 each ($30 to $37.50) & another one at £36 ($49) so have one copy left that I am selling so have put up at £49.95 ($75). If it doesn’t sell for this price am not fussed. It’s a lovely book & think it has a lot of potential. I have another copies that I will be sitting on

  6. …considering, that is, I paid $32 for my initial run of 1-8 1st print CHEW books. Then I just did the $2 BIN auctions to pretty-much fill out my run. I haven’t gotten any CHEW books for a while; my last issh is #29. Same with my 2 full run sets of 1st print Thief of thieves…my last copy is 6…I guess I better get a couple copies of the last 8 issues…shouldn’t be too expensive! Better to have the full sets I think!

    Speaking of which, I’m working on 2 full sets of BATMAN FAMILY (1975-77) VF EDITIONS! The entire run is only 20 books (1-20)! I’m finding them REALLY dirt cheap. I did have to pay $25 for an absolute pristine copy of BF1 (Origin & 2nd Appearance of BatGirl), but gang it was worth it. This book is probably 9.8 worthy, but I’M CERTAINLY NOT A CGC GUY…NO WAY! I would never buy anything that has already been slabbed…NO WAY! I’m not saying anything bad about the company, because I have never dealt with them, I’m just remarking about a personal view that I have, that’s all!


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