Larry from Larry’s comics reacts to Villains month day two.

I tend to agree with Larry of Larry’s comics on a lot of things. I had posted earlier in the week that I felt let down by the Villains month books. Especially the 3d Joker. Sure the cover rocked but the story was about Joker getting a helper monkey…..

Anyway see Larry’s reaction after the bump and discuss. Readers with a sensitivity towards language should avoid.


18 thoughts on “Larry from Larry’s comics reacts to Villains month day two.”

  1. I have to agree. I love the cover for Joker 3D but that story did stink. I was not impressed whatsoever! Seriously, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, it’s hard to give that story even a 1.

  2. but if the comic had blank pages in it, people would still buy this cover…actually while the story was bad I thought the art was good…It is selling and it does have long term value potential…

  3. I agree that the stories isn’t necesarilly the important factor here…it’s the cover. I always laugh when I hear people complain about stories because as a speculator, I’d sell *ish if I knew it would make money. At the end of the day, it’s about money. I’d walk into a store and come across the greatest comic book story ever told, but would “quickly” pass on it, if there is no value in the secondary market… Don’t get me wrong though, a good read is a good read. But this marketing campaign is business.

    Long term value is debatable and I’m hoping it is long-term, but we’ll see. Nope, haven’t even read any of the 3d-cover stories at this point, and honestly – I don’t care. I’m just collecting and going. I really don’t let my feelings and emotions mix with speculation. It’s about money and business. That may sound bad to some, but at the end of the day…it’s about $$$.

    1. With that said…there are certain rules in the game. 1) Know your product if you’re selling (research/read yes). 2) Don’t fall in love with your product…

      haha, this goes far beyond comic books my friends…this is a general rule across the board for anything you’re trying to move in the market :-o.

      3) Ear to the ground…gotta stay a head and know when the next “big” thing hits…competition, etc. Gotta have eyes and ears…

      Anyways, my 2 cents.

    2. Agreed that this game is about money. I think what his compliant with the whole process has been is as follows.
      1. DC was ill prepared for the amount of orders that they were going to get. As opposed to postponing the event to allow retailers to get the copies they wanted, DC forged ahead anyway.
      2. Dc then allocates the books giving larger Diamond accounts more copies than smaller ones, but no one is sure how many copies they are going to get.
      3. Then, DC releases non-3d variants for stores to order, but retailers are still not sure how many copies to order because they do not know how many 3-d covers they are getting. There is also the unknown factor of whether people will even want the non-3d versions, so money is being risked on that.
      4. Then the books come out and some retailers, possibly just up the street, have a ton of copies, so the stores that are already allocated might miss out on sales dollars from other books.

      5. and finally, the stories are crap.

      I know that we sell on the sizzle not the steak that’s where the money is.

    3. For those only buying comics to sell, yes, the story or even the artwork could be argued to be irrelevant for that matter. The only thing you should care about is (for flippers), can you buy low and sell high when there’s a demand for it?

      As for me, I don’t do much flipping so the story is a big deal to me. Also, I could also argue that the story is a big deal when it comes to demand as well. If the story is good, then the demand can rise. If the story is horrible, the demand can be low thus lowering the value and or demand of a comic.

      So, honestly, the value and demand of a certain comic or series of comics can involve many factors.

      Comics values could be broken down to these in my opinion:

      Story good or not.
      Cover art good or not.
      Page artwork good or not.
      Print Run/Final Publishing Number.
      Writer/Artist Popularity.

      As for this Joker 3D, sure I bought it because the cover was cool but I also bought it because I love the Joker as a Batman nemesis. So yeah, it bummed me out that the story sucked that badly.

  4. some of these have been ‘meh’ tie ins but the Joker one was actually a good little one shot. I like complete stories, that gave me one. If you expected every one of these 53 books to be EARTH! SHATTERING! EVENTS! thats not really dan didios fault. however, i can say that the overall quality so far is like a 6/10. what do you expect from DC besides bumbling at this point? The DEADSHOT one had 4 artists, none of which were the solicited one AND the ‘DARKSEID’ one was just a regular issue of the Pak S/B run that was only half an actual Darkseid story.

    however, The Outspoken Larry saying no one gives a shit is a bit misleading. my whole city is sold out of almost everything-maybe no one cares at Larrys because they are the kind of people who shop at a store run by a loud mouth who talks shit on a bunch of product, loudly? i know he supports a lot of good indie stuff, but if you seriously complain about stuff enough, it poisons your base.

    1. I’d like to add that story sucks is all relative to perspective. IGN praised it. Comicbook resources hated it.

      IGN gave it a strong 9/10. Again, I don’t care – but I am pointing out that comic book reviews range a lot in ratings. I agree with all factors that are relevant to contribute to demand. From a business point of view, it appears DC has succeeded with their 3D campaign. It will be interesting to see what Marvel has planned….relaunch? haha

      1. I hope not. I have more Marvel on current pull list than DC. I’m pretty much loyal to Batman, Detective Comics and Superman Unchained on the DC side of things. For Marvel, the list is much bigger as I think currently they have better writers and stories for the most part.

        But really, it’s just all opinion. Some like apples, others prefer oranges. Read what you like and buy what you like. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m with you Drew. I was actually looking forward to ‘God is Dead” and think I got burned on that. LOL. I do like Uber tho :-p.

    1. I didn’t set any expectations on this one but like any comic, I judge by each issue. I can say though, this one didn’t one out the ball park yet. I’ll pick up #2 and perhaps #3 but if it doesn’t get really interesting, it could be one that is dropped early on.

      1. And Uber is good for sure. It’s one of those that still has me saying on the last page of each issue.. “Oh man, I got to wait another month to find out what happens next?” πŸ™‚

  6. I just read Batman 23.1 The whole story line was Trash!
    Even the Art Work is Bad.
    These People should’ve Amped this shit up.
    Not Impressed!

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