Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list 9/6/13

The Diamond Comics advanced reorder list used to be speculation gold. You could see what was gaining interest and causing retailers to scramble to get copies before final order cut off. You would see which books would be selling out early. Now, and for the past 5 weeks, it has been about Dc Villains month. The reorders on this week’s list are no surprise as retailers scrambled to get the standard cover of each book as their 3-d books had been allocated.

There are a couple of gems worth looking out for on here though:

1. Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter Standard cover
2. Justice League #23.4 Secret Society Standard cover
3. Batman #23.4 Bane Standard cover
4. Justice League of America #7.4 Black Adam Standard cover
5. Batman Superman #3.1 Doomsday Standard cover
6. Green lantern #23.2 Sinestro Standard cover
7. Batman and Robin #23.4 Killer Croc Standard cover
8. Detective Comics #23.4 Man Bat standard cover
9. Aquaman #23.2 Ocean Master Standard cover
10. Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born Standard cover
11. Action Comics #23.4 Metallo Standard cover
12. Superman #23.4 Parasite Standard cover

13. DC New 52 Villians Omnibus HC– Covers all 52 of the oneshots in a hard bound format…..
14. Walking Dead #115 Midnight Release variant– Image is following Marvel and releasing a special ‘Party Variant’ for shops that open at Midnight so customers can get their Walking Dead fix early. Also, 15 connecting covers coming out that week.
15. Saga #13 2nd print- #13 was the return of the series, orders were low and sold out quickly. Now regular readers who missed out on first prints will have to settle for seconds. (that is why I am an every Wednesday guy) 1st prints still available.
16. Batman Superman #2 2nd print First Print stil available.
17. Avengers #20- Infinity tie in
18. Wolverine and X-Men #36
19. Sex Criminal #1 – New Image number 1 book with an interesting twist
20. Saga #14– See above for Saga #13. Retailers do not want to make the same mistake twice in not ordering enough copies
21. Avengers Assemble #19
22. Batman #24– DC’s flag ship continues after villains month. This is a $6.99 book which could break some shopper’s banks. No appearances by Joker’s helper monkey.
23. Infinity Heist #1– Infinity Tie In
24. Nova #8– Infinity Tie In
25. Punisher Trial of Punisher #1– Two issue mini series.

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