Walking Dead #115 NY Comic Con Variant for $2.99

Man I love a good deal, especially when it comes to something I really think is going to shoot up in value.
Walking Dead #115 starts the ‘All Out War’ story line which will be huge.
There will be 15 regular covers that connect, plus a midnight release variant, plus other variants.
Here is your chance to get a Walking Dead exclusive New York City Comic Con variant for $2.99. As it is the new story line, that will be released around the start of the new season of the hit AMC TV show, and will not be printed in TPB form for a while, as well as being an exclusive con variant, this is a definite pick up.

It is limit 1 per person, but crafty individuals can figure out a way around that.
It can be purchased here for $2.99

12 thoughts on “Walking Dead #115 NY Comic Con Variant for $2.99”

  1. What’s going my people?
    I just found some comic strips from 1933 in a stack of newspaper.
    There is some from Tarzan, Little Orphan Annie, Tiny Tim,
    Mickey Mouse, and so on.
    I can’t seem to find anything online that can help me to figure out if these comic strips are worth any paper.
    Prob not.
    All information will be helpful.
    Thank you guys.

  2. Prophecy – yes definitely have some value. Being from 1933 you might have some early character appearances of some of them. Not worth the same as comic books but list those in the platinum age or newspaper strip section on ebay

    1. It would be best to contact someone who deals with newspaper strips to get an idea. Also look at closed sales on eBay. Part of the value of course is condition, characters appearing, and age, but you are better off speaking to someone who deals in them to get an idea.

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      1. Thank you guys. I am working on that as we speak.
        I have quite a few of them.
        Plus Advertisements from that era.
        I’m a keep looking.

  3. very cool. On another note, New Walking Dead TV Spin off series has just been announced for AMC. ­čś«

    Any idea how this will affect speculation? I’m actually kind of looking forward to integrating another group in the same world with a new story with a pending crossover. However, I just hope it won’t complicate speculation. A new Walking Dead comic book series may follow. I hope the zombie fad is here to stay. AMC is on fire right now…*g

    1. In interviews, Kirkman expressed that he wants zombies to continue for another decade (if he could). Personally, I’d like to see it run for as long as it can. It’s the highlight of my Sunday along with the NFL. However, I suppose anything is possible.

    2. I love Zombie books. I have followed Walking dead since issue one and read almost all zombie books that come out. I think that anything that draws attention to the brand will help the books. Just look at the prices of the books pre issue 100 (the last season) and see that prices spike when the show is on.

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