20 thoughts on “BOOM! Studios Series ‘Unthinkable’ in Development as Fox TV Series”

  1. I went straight to BOOM! Studios and grabbed a few #1’s:
    Cover 1A (X2) and Cover 1B (X3)! I also went out and grabbed X6 Cover B from a few of my UK suppliers. There’s 2-5 on EBAY, but as SWANSON6676 said, I didn’t see any #1’s.


  2. Sorry to high-jack this post:

    Also, just a quick question of advice:
    One of my UK suppliers just got in touch and informed me that he has ‘JUST’ got in my order of 20X Skyward #1 (First prints of course; ALL for cover)! Should I pull the trigger on this deal, or just save my money? I know the heat has died down on this book, but should I still get them, or not?




    1. I say save your money. I had a #1,2 listed on ebay for a month before I finally sold them for $14.99, but it was like pulling teeth.

      1. Same thing is happening to ‘The Outliers’ I had it listed at $60, and I’ve continually dropped the price by $5 each week for the past 3 weeks, and I still can’t sell it. Now I have it at $39.99, we’ll see what happens, but the bottom really fell out of that book too.

      2. I’m slowly learning to just make my money when I can, and not try to be so greedy. I was waiting and waiting to sell ‘The Outliers’ book at the highest price possible. Lesson learned. I suppose I need to learn that as long as I made something on a book there’s nothing to be upset about.

        1. It’s a tough game at times. You want to make a profit but do not want to leave money on the table. The problem with the outliers is when and if the second issue will come out. If it gets regular distribution then it will pick back up as it is very rare. I am still sitting in two copies. One signed one not. I should have sold one more but didn’t out of laziness and greed. I still got more for the one copy that I sold than I paid for all three copies. So it was a profit plus copies.

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  3. Two of my LCBS still have Skyward #1 first print. I’m a head out this evening to pick up a few.
    And with talk about The Outliers #1
    I stood with 5 copies for myself, I had 13 copies at first I traded 3 copies for The Batman Adventures #12 1st app of Harley Quinn.
    So now I’m down to 10 copies now.
    Also I picked up The Avengers #55 for $10 in a bin,lol.
    Beautiful copy, Store owner wasn’t hip to it.

  4. I knew it!…I knew I’d be able to find these in the discount bins. Picked up almost a full set of Unthinkable (including both #1 covers) for below cover at my local shop. All in great condition

  5. @swanson6676 Great Job! I’ve been keeping my eye on this title! I got my copies early, but I STILL haven’t seen any #1’s on EBAY….EITHER SIDE OF THE POND!

    What does the spek community think of that? Is it because of a low print run, or just no interest in the title? I personally think (moreover, hope) it’s the print run.

    Does anyone have specific numbers (print run) for this title?

    Please post if you have info!

    Also, was the 2010 movie ‘UNTHINKABLE’, where Samuel L. Jackson beat tha crap outta that terrorist dude:

    A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S.

    …was that movie based on this comic title? The content seems similar, but not exactly the same. That could explain the ‘lack of heat’ for this title. If there was a movie in 2010 that wasn’t very-well received, then maybe the comic community’s just not bothered?


  6. Anyone else order “Unthinkable” form Boom and then get this days later?

    “Thank you for your order of Unthinkable. Unfortunately, the announcement that this title is being developed for a television show for Fox has created a run on the remaining copies we had of this title. We’ve sold out of the stock we have on hand here at BOOM! Studios and are trying to find additional copies. We will keep your order on file to prioritize you in the event we can scare some up.

    On that note, we didn’t think it would be fair to hold onto your money if it took a lengthy period of time or had to reprint these issues, so we’ve issued a refund to you. It may take a few business days for the transaction to go through. Please accept our apologies and keep your eyes peeled for an update on Unthinkable. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us”

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