Action Lab’s Skyward #1 Sells Out, Gets Second Printing

By Terry Hoknes of
Action Lab gives retailers a second chance to stock up on the widely popular Skyward #1 with Skyward #1 Second Printing (AUG138070F, $2.99) – with a ship date of October 16. Enjoy the fantastic storybook adventure from the beginning with a second printing cover by creator Jeremy Dale!

Follow the thrilling tale of Quinn, left orphaned by an invasion of his homeland. He and other lost villagers run headfirst into a conflict and world that is much bigger and fantastic than they could possibly imagine.

9 thoughts on “Action Lab’s Skyward #1 Sells Out, Gets Second Printing”

    1. I love it, I have sold the first and second issues a few times, including a Baltimore comic con variant of 1 and a blank cover convention variant with sketch of Jake the dog on it. I have kept a set for myself as I love the book.

  1. I sold a couple for $44.95 each!, then most recently (a week ago) I couldn’t sell it for $4.95. Embarrassing. So now, will this heat back up? I’m still sitting on a few copies :-).

  2. I posted yesterday requesting advice as to whether I should pull the trigger on an order of 20X Skyward #1 (1st Prints) from one of my UK suppliers. There was some really good advice, and I was actually on the fence as to whether or not to pull the trigger, or canx the order….BUT after reading this post, I’M GETTING THOSE 20 COPIES OF SKYWARD #1 (1st prints) FROM MY SUPPLIER TODAY…COVER PRICE OF COURSE!


  3. The actual first prints, self published black and white “graphite editions” are truely rare and sell for over $100. There is also a self published color edition of number 1 that sells well when it appears.

  4. High-Jacking the post:

    Hey, looks like Todd the Ugliest Kid On Earth is an ON-GOING book now! I thought it was only scheduled as a 4-issue mini-series?

    I guess with the Animated TV Show talk they had to produce some more product. Hmmmmm, could this mean that a MULTI-SEASON TV SHOW DEAL IS BREWING? Disclaimer: Just Speculating, I haven’t heard anything of the sorts – just thinking out loud!

    That’s why I held onto all of my 1st prints (8 full sets 1-4, plus 3 more single #1’s). I’ll get X8 of #5, and put this series on my pull list X8!

    I’m also behind on my Thief Of Thieves X2 full runs. My last issue was 6 I think. Same with my full run of 1st print Chew full run set…my last issue was 29 I think….arggggghhhhhh more money!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m trying to find another VF Batman Family #6, but then I would have to get ANOTHER 19 copies (1-5 and 7-20) to finish my 3rd full set…AT WHAT POINT IS IT TOO MUCH FOLKS?????????????


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