Rat Queens #1 from Image sells out

Kurtis Wiebes newest book Rat Queens is a sell out and will be heading back for a second printing. The print run for the book was 25,000 copies. I will have signed copies available this weekend as I am going to a signing with the creative team. I advertised it earlier this week. Email me at apopcomics@gmail.com if you are interested in signed copies.

5 thoughts on “Rat Queens #1 from Image sells out”

  1. 25,000 is alright. CL will be in the house at the signing event. I’ll see you all tomorrow. I have the regular cover and incentive covers. Do you know if 3rd eye has an exclusive variant?

  2. I was only able to find the regular cover but I did pick up 3 of these, I’m betting this one will be a hit like Peter Panzerfaust.

  3. Only thing is, PP had a print run initially under 5,000…this has a print run of 25,000. This title will definitely grab some heat – but I think it’ll be unlikely to peak at PP levels due to the print run. I hope so though! I’m picking up incentives and making preparations! Solid read for sure.

    1. Very true, when I said “be a hit”, I meant it’s gonna have a good following, not meant to say, “be at hit” as in comic book potential value. 😉

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