Walking Dead #115 NYCC variant for $2.99 (available for pre-order again)

A few weeks ago we spotlighted this deal, as this is a money maker, as copies have been selling for $30. You can get The Walking Dead #115 NYCC Variant for $2.99. It’s limited 1 per person.
Like I said, they are limited so they won’t last long. Pre-order these at Things From Another World

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Walking Dead #115 NY Comic Con Variant for $2.99
Man I love a good deal, especially when it comes to something I really think is going to shoot up in value.
Walking Dead #115 starts the ‘All Out War’ story line which will be huge.
There will be 15 regular covers that connect, plus a midnight release variant, plus other variants.
Here is your chance to get a Walking Dead exclusive New York City Comic Con variant for $2.99. As it is the new story line, that will be released around the start of the new season of the hit AMC TV show, and will not be printed in TPB form for a while, as well as being an exclusive con variant, this is a definite pick up.

It is limit 1 per person, but crafty individuals can figure out a way around that.
It can be purchased here for $2.99

11 thoughts on “Walking Dead #115 NYCC variant for $2.99 (available for pre-order again)”

      1. There are ways around it.
        Same way I was able to get 10 copies of The Outliers #1.
        Same as when they had the 3D covers 1 per customer.
        I have 1 set left of the 3D covers.
        I’m trading the set for an Iron Man #55 VF. This will be my 3rd copy.

  1. I missed out on the last pre-order, got one this time. 🙂

    So by ordering multiple copies on different orders, you’re only paying at least an additional $4 for shipping for each one and if someone gets a clue while packing these up, they’re still obligated to dump your order of duplicates. Honestly, if I found someone bending the rules for themselves, I’d just dump their whole order entirely for being dishonest and not giving others the chance to own a limited comic. Just my opinion though.

    1. @drewbentley, I can respect your opinion.
      However, when the whole the craz of the JD cover this week came out LCBS where saying that they didn’t get any now that was being Dishonest.
      It is all a game that we play.
      I myself am not a retailer so I need to find ways to get more than one copy.

      1. We do live in an unfair world but that doesn’t mean one must be unfair and dishonest as well, because others are or might be! I’m primarily a collector and reader, so if it’s the shop that’s holding back copies to sell at a premium and or someone like you trying to get as many as they can to flip for a premium, that’s when it becomes really unfair for those trying to just get our one copy.

        I’d have to say, if you want more than one copy, the only fair way would be to get from multiple sources if there’s a limit, instead of bending the rules.

    2. you dont have them sent to the same address, everyone knows people they can get a comic book mailed to for them. It isn’t fair i agree but now you all now how to do it so download the tor browser and get as many copies as you want.

  2. This is probably the best find since the Joker’s daughter. Seriously folks, this is quick flip money. Pick one up for 2.99 and sell it for $30.00. The start of the 4th season will be a hot time to do it! Given that this is the 10th anniversary and all, it maybe smart to hold a copy as well. Regarding the 1 per customer, I understand your point Drew. Speculation and collection is a viscious game. Play to win, but greed makes people do weird things…

    1. Only those that listed early to sell might make the quick flip now. There’s already 450+ or so listed on eBay alone. A majority of the sellers feedback indicate they rarely sell items, so it was a pickup just to sell to make quick profit. The market now is flooded with JD and none of the BIN or Auctions starting at $30 or so seem to have zero nibbles or bites, it’s only the auctions that start low that are looking on average to reach about $30 or so. I think in the coming days though as more and more of the hundreds of auctions start to end, we’ll see those prices get lower and lower.

      To me, if you wanted to make some quick (and bigger) bucks on this one, you had to do a pre-sale (and that’s only if you knew you were gonna get one to sell).

      My guesstimates this one will soon settle primarily in the range of $15-$20 on average.

      1. I think you’re right Drew. I generally don’t do pre-sales, but wish I did on some things. I’ll start looking into that if I’m confident enough to know that I’ll be receiving copies. As for 3d covers, I’m glad I didn’t do that because some of my pre-sales were canceled, due to the allocations lol. Classic.

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