Letter 44 from Charles Soule and ONI Press TV Show

Hope you picked up a couple of Letter 44 #1’s for a buck when they were released. Looks like a major American TV network is trying to grab the rights to the new book for a tv show.
Bleeding Cool made the announcement earlier today that talks are happening to brink the political space drama to the small screens. I would imagine that this book will start moving up in value soon. I have been selling the Phantom Variant like hot cakes for $8 a pop. It will just be a matter of time before the regular edition starts to show movement. Some speculators poo-pooed the book as it had a good size print run for an ONI book and it was only a buck, I on the other hand reminded how much The Strain #1 went up in value with the announcement of the TV series based on the book series the comic was based off.

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  1. I gambled a little on this title and picked up quite a few copies…probably more than I should have. But at 50 cents a copy (preorder discount) it didn’t seem like much of a risk. I figured it would at least always hold it’s cover price. Also picked up more than a few of the SDCC B&W variant. Now it looks as if the gamble might already be paying off. We’ll see…

  2. Apparently the word isn’t out in Central Texas.. I stopped by another local store and they had a pretty good size stack of Letter 44 available. Most had some scuffed up corners, I picked up a few more good ones out of the bunch. 🙂

  3. I’m hoping to get lucky tonight…and I’m going to a lcs to see if they have any Letter 44 for a buck. Charles Soule is going to be at this lcs on November 9th, 2013 (for all the future people reading this in their driverless flying cars) but they’re advertising him as “writer of Superman/Wonder Woman” – no mention of Letter 44.

  4. I bought 2 copies of ’27’ back in 2009. This was to be Image’s next big thing. To come and think of it, IMO was the start of the modern generation speculator market. There was so much hype for this book, people trying to flip 5-6 copies on Ebay with no one buying. Speculation totally overshadowed the book’s quality. I read the magazine formatted first issue, the art and story was eerie, but real solid.

    Soules new book ‘Letter 44’ was again, solid. Didn’t blow me away (to me the cartoonish art didn’t fit dramatics of story), but very interesting!


    1. I liked 27 and did well with the firs issue. Think I went thru 5 of them back in the day. I have met Charles Soule on a couple of occasions and cannot tell you how awesome he is. The first time I met him we talked about 27 and the theory behind it. We exchanged twitter follows and I tweeted him once. Second time I met him he remembered who I was and my twitter name. Awesome guy. Really though, check out the hardcover of Strange Attractors, it is an awesome story and the art is fantastic.

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