Walmart website crazy low prices 11/6/13 and the Walking Dead

I know what you are thinking, why is the site talking about Walmart and super low prices. Well, looks like may have been hacked or had a pricing glitch and, for a while, featured some seriously low prices on some graphic novels.

Walmart had The Walking Dead Compendium Vol 1 and Vol 2 for $3.05 each. These books retail for $60. (I ordered 3 of each but doubt they will honor the price.) They also had the complete Calvin and Hobbes hardcover box set for $3.05 each. X-Box 360’s were on sale for $9 as well but were sold out when I added them to my cart.

Not holding my breath, but if they honor these prices I have Christmas wrapped up for some friends. (and ebay too.) 

The site has since been shut down, since about 9 am this morning. 

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  1. I know in California they have to honor them, even if it was a mistake or glitch. Check Arkansas laws (or wherever they possibly host their primary websites at) to see if they have to honor or not. The worst that could happen is, they just say they were out of stock and void the transaction or something.

    1. People who did in store pick up before the glitch was caught made out like crazy. People who tried in store pick up afterwards were told no and now have to wait for a refund which can take a week. I chose to have them home delivered like some others did. Some got cancelation notices. I have not gotten one yet so my fingers are crossed. My buddy who ordered 6 kayaks for $60 delivered hasn’t gotten a cancelation notice yet either. Their web site is still offline so I cannot check order status.

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      1. This is crazy. It looks like Black Friday (my favorite holiday of the year. Yes, I consider it a holiday) came early this year! Good luck! Haha.

      2. Ughh.. I avoid Black Friday and shopping/outlet malls (year round) like they’re the plague. The only shopping I enjoy doing is at my local comic book store.. 😉

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