Voice in the Dark #1 Sold out before next Wednesday’s release

We have talked about Voice in the Dark a couple of times, whether it was to help promote Larime Taylor’s Kickstarter Edition, as part of looking ahead at hot books coming out in the future, or the interview I did with Larime I have been pumped about this book.

I have not been the only person who noticed and the book, ‘Voice in the Dark’ has sold out at the distributor level before the book has been released. That is always a good sign for a book on the speculation front. This book is a must pick up next week, November 20th, for a couple of reasons.

First, the premise and art are fantastic. Larime has a style that looks like Terry Moore at his finest. Terry is a fan of this book and Larime’s art.

Second, Larime is a very cool and down to Earth guy, who does amazing work, all of which, scripting and art, is done with his mouth. Larime Taylor is disabled. He has spoken about living on disability only, and being a starving artist.

Third, The book is coming out as a creator owned series, which is nothing big for Image, but through an imprint that is not known for picking up creator owned stuff (Matt Hawkins picked up this book in a fascinating story after being approached by Larime – see the interview linked above.)

Truly ‘Voice in the Dark’ is a book to not miss out on picking up. I’d love to see the book not only be sold out at the distributor level, but at the retailer level as well.

Remember, that when a book sells out at the distributor level, it does not mean that you will not be able to find it in you local comic shop, it means when those first print copies are gone, your LCS will not be able to get more copies.

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