Cyber Monday Deal: Buy one get one variants

I love free and cheap comics. Here is a Cyber-Monday deal I jumped on.Hastings, a major entertainment retailer has variant comics at buy one get one free.

You can check out the variants at it is select items listed might be worth checking out what they are going for on eBay or what Lone Star Comics is buying them for. 

2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Deal: Buy one get one variants”

  1. I have checked out some of these comic book variants on Hastings I found that some of the comic book variants can be found for a way to cheaper price on eBay.
    Batman 17 black and white. Hastings is selling for 199 on eBay you can find them as low as $34 near mint.
    just me doing a little research on the variants and compare prices so individuals know where and how to shop to get a good price.
    now there are several shops that I do not shop from online one of them is my comic shop number 2 is New Kadia number 3 is mile high comics.
    these online stores to charge way over price.

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