Larry’s Comics Pick of the Week 11/4/13

From Larry Doherty of Larry’s comics pick of the week. We always appreciate when Larry takes the time to stop by and give a heads up on spec worthy books.

Slim picking this week.

Jump onboard, what I believe is going to be a much sought after run after people realize how GREAT this book has just become. Yes. Even better than James Robinson:

This is one of the few “crown jewels” of the new 52.

Tom Taylor brings the thunder:

EARTH 2 #18


(W) Tom Taylor (A) Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott (CA) Ethan Van Sciver

The new Batman of Earth 2 tries to turn the tide in the war against the forces of Darkseid and Apokolips, but even as new allies reveal themselves the planet trembles before its new rulers.

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