A Look ahead to Wednesday 12/11/13

We got an early start on things last week with The Other Dead look ahead, and Larry’s Comics Pick of the week for 12/11/13 as this is going to be a pretty kick-ass week.

Let’s take a look at some of the books coming out this week that might be worth picking up for flipping.

1. Alex and Ada #2-Sold out first issue, interesting new series. Worth picking up the second issue to see if it heats up.

2. Clown Fatale #2– Dark Horse sexy clown series. First issue was fun. Clown Fatale is Clown Noir.

3. Day Men #2– Months after the hit first issue comes out, the second finally arrives. But did the delay kill speculator interest.

4. Dead Body Road #1– Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) brings his song to Westerns to this modern tale from Skybound. We are doing a signed version of this see here for details

5. Justice League 3000 #1– I love alternate world story lines.

6. Krampus #1– One of Larry’s picks of the week. The legend of Krampus is great and has dropped off. Krampus was believed to ride with Santa, and while Santa would leave toys for good girls and boys, Krampus would snatch them up. Now he has to save the Santa’s of the world.

7. Manifest Destiny #2– Sold out and awesome first issue. Skybound imprint sells hits.

8. Red Ten #5– Hot Comixtribe book continues. Fantastic story line that is essentially a murder mystery among the Justice League.

9. The Walking Dead #118– Walking Dead is always a good pickup. All Out War continues and after last issues, where the action picked up, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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