1st Appearance of Modern Suicide Squad heating up

We mentioned this twice this past week, but Suicide Squad is getting media attention, not only in the Arrow TV series, but a stand alone script that hit the internet.
Well, prices are on the rise for DC Legends #3 1st Modern Suicide Squad. The book had been easily for .99 to $3 at the beginning of the weekend. But it has quickly jumped, and copies are closing for $12.50 now. If you haven’t secured a copy it might be time to think about finding a remaining cheap copy.

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  1. That book was massively over printed so it should be easy to find, the question is grade because that series has languished away in quarter bins for so long that it might actually be tough to find a 9.8. Though the first modern appearance I still wouldn’t say that it IS the comic to invest in, only that it’s much much cheaper than the true first appearance of the SS.

    1. I understand, but the Suicide Squad from the original first appearance is in name only in reference to the characters on the show. Same thing is going on with Guardians of the Galaxy, where the modern team that is appearing in the movie is getting more spotlight than the team that had the true first appearance.

  2. Thread-Jack:
    I just watched the latest (for the UK) episode of Walking Dead…IT’S FOR YOU!
    Man, Michonne is Bad-Butt!
    I spek’d pretty hard on the April 2012 Playboy, which had the insert of the first ever Michonne Origin Story!
    I was just wondering if these inserts ever caught on with the collecting community.
    I see them on EBAY from time to time. Here’s a quick pull on the current EBAY auctions:
    I grabbed ‘numerous’ copies back then, so I’m still waiting for these books to catch fire…DOES ANYONE THINK THEY WILL?????????

      1. Yea, I had the wife ask me that awkward question when I got like 12 copies of PLAYBOY IN! Yea, the explanation: But honey, it has a Walking Dead comic insert………..So, I had some ‘splanin’ to do!
        But, I think it was an excellent marketing ploy by Playboy. What a better way to amp-up sales than to commission a hot comic commodity, and insert a 1st ever origin story of the hottest character at that time?
        I’m not sure the comics community appreciated that ploy, and probably didn’t accept this as a true origin story.
        I personally think it’s a legit origin story, and I absolutely enjoyed the read…excellent story, and I was glued to the TV to catch the 1st appearance of Michonne and her walkers on the show.
        And obviously, the price of WD #19 (1st Michonne) took off around that time.

        1. I have every regular issue of the Walking Dead. I have been fortunate to start following it from issue one. I have some of the variants but not trying for a complete set. I got the Michonne Special and read it and do feel that the story fit the character. I did just not want to have the Playboy lying around. It was just a personal decision. Which is odd because I do collect Tarot and Cavewoman, both end up selling well on the secondary market. I have moved numerous copies of both.

  3. I can’t believe a coincidence like this. I released my spec pick for Legends #3 (1st modern suicide Squad) on February 1st, and then all these recent headlines. Freaky really.

  4. You’re too kind my friend… too kind… 😉
    The original SS in Brave & Bold 25 ish in VF-NM is upwards of $700.00. Not so much a speculator book, as it is quite pricey already. None of the characters we assoc. with SS are in that story that lasted only 6 issues (they weren’t villains/anti-heros either). I like the GoTG analogy- as you are right on!

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