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Hey guys, thanks for everyone who has purchased the signed comics. I do not get paid to do the site, so those books help pay for costs of the website and such. People have asked me about the upcoming signings I will be attending. The schedule follows after the bump. 

3/1/14 Charles Soule- She Hulk and Letter 44 (Letter 44 Phantoms and She Hulk #1 signed books available)

3/8/14 Jerry and Penelope Gaylord- Loki: Ragnarok and Roll (copies will be available)

3/15/14 Ales Kot and Tradd Moore- Secret Avengers Zero (Copies of both the Secret Avengers and Zero #1 Phantom variant will be available)

4/12/14 Gerry Duggan & Mike Hawthorne Wedding of Deadpool (Copies of Wedding of Deadpool and Deadpool #1 Store Variant will be Available)

4/26/14 Cullen Bunn Night of the Living Deadpool (Copies will be available)

And then on Free Comic Book Day, I will have some big signings coming up I cannot fully announce yet. But one I am really excited about. 


If you are interested in any of these signings, please drop me a line at


And thank you for your continued support of


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  1. How do you find out about this signings? I was just wondering cause I was hoping to find out how to attend some in my area

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