Voice in the Dark ending.

Just saw this on a message board. Very sad news for this great series:

Well, #6 has finally dropped the series under 3k, so unless the trade does big numbers, #7 may be the last of Zoey for a while. It’s rough, but that’s life. I’d like to come back to it one day, but I need to make a living.
I’ll likely be launching something new in late 2014, and it’ll be a 5-issue mini. That’s how I’ll do everything going forward, 5-issue minis. Unless you’re BKV or Remender or Fraction, new books can’t sustain an ongoing structure.

Sad to say one of my new favorite series is ending. Wish Larime well, and support his new book in 2014.

8 thoughts on “Voice in the Dark ending.”

  1. Too bad, great unique story that has been floating to the top of my stack every time ot comes out.

  2. So as FOC (final order cutoff) nears, issue #6 has gone UP over 3k again. If it holds, that’ll be 2 issues in a row at 3.3k, meaning it finally found the floor. It’s not a GREAT floor, but it can get by, especially if the trade builds it UP for the next arc.

    1. That is great news. Glad to hear that Voice will be sticking around a while longer. If things get below 3k and you are still interested in doing it, I suggest Tarot Witch of the Black Rose style covers. (I kid) but do love the book and want to see it continue.

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