Spider-Verse #1 Spec from Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool ran an interesting piece on Spider-Verse #1
Essentially, Spider-Verse #1 contains the first appearance of a new Spider-Woman named Lady Spider, AKA May Riley. She is a steampunk Spider-Woman.
Bleeding Cool suggests that she has several things going for her that could make her the next Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman.
1. She is built for cosplay, the nerd-girl demographic loves this kind of character.
2. Steampunk is huge, again, with cosplayers.
So if this catches on, and if Lady Spider survives Morlan, Spider-Verse #1 could be worth watching.

6 thoughts on “Spider-Verse #1 Spec from Bleeding Cool”

  1. Higher probability of price appreciation if character appears in big film, gets own comic series or return often in future comics.

  2. I was able to backorder 4 copies of spider-verse # 2 land variant from tfaw and now they are not available on the site . Any thoughts ?

  3. Nah. One is a variation on a beloved character who has been dead forever – brought back with a beautiful design, and the other is a steampunk spider-variant. I’d be surprised.

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