CHU Flip Idea: December Loot Crate Exclusives

Man this is awesome. This month Lootcrate is doing their biggest box yet.
There are two really cool exclusives that should be easy flips. You should be able to at least double your money on this one (especially if you use the coupon codes to save $3
This is only good until 9 PM PST (12 AM EST)
Here is a look at what you get for your $16 (Shipping Included). Continue reading “CHU Flip Idea: December Loot Crate Exclusives”

Enormous #6 Variants

We are extremely excited to present our first exclusive variant cover. So excited because we actually have two exclusive variant covers. So read on to see our exclusive variants for Enormous #6. Continue reading “Enormous #6 Variants”

March new Image series Solicitations

A bunch of great looking books coming out in March (seems so far away) were solicited on the Image Comics website. Here are the new #1’s for March. Continue reading “March new Image series Solicitations”

Death of a Marvel Villain today

Possibly. According to Bleeding Cool, there is a Death of a major Spider-Man villain today in Avengers X-men Axis #8. Spoiler ahead so avoid if you do not want to know. Continue reading “Death of a Marvel Villain today”

Third Eye Spotlight #13 for 12/17/14

Each week, Steve from Third Eye Comics releases a video spotlighting the cool new books of the week. Here is this weeks for new comic day 12/17/14 Continue reading “Third Eye Spotlight #13 for 12/17/14”

Hoknes Comics hot new comics for 12/17/14

Each week Terry Hoknes of releases a video spotlighting the hot new comics of the week. Here is this weeks, for delivery 12/17/14: Continue reading “Hoknes Comics hot new comics for 12/17/14”

Comics picks of the week for delivery 12/17/14

Each week, hundreds of new books hit the shelves, most with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are picks of the week for delivery 12/17/14: Continue reading “Comics picks of the week for delivery 12/17/14”

Next Spider-man movie potential story line?

Sony Pictures was hacked, big time. Lot’s of stuff coming out of the hacked emails. But important to the spec community is what has been leaked about the Spider-man franchise. Continue reading “Next Spider-man movie potential story line?”

Top 100 Hottest Comic Titles during LATE NOVEMBER 2014

Bi-weekly column and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of –
This chart is styled like the old classic Wizard Magazine Top 10 Hottest Comic charts that were published every month in the 1990′s.
unnamed (7)
This list is updated every 2 weeks. This list is compiled from my non-stop research of the current market. I believe these were the most demand and growing in value books this month. This list focuses on all regular edition covers. (Variants are not listed otherwise they would likely dominate the entire list due to instant high prices and calculated small print runs). If you think I have missed any hot MODERN titles/issues please let me know. Here are my picks of what I believe are the hottest comics at this very moment from all sold out releases of MODERN comics online based on back issue sales ABOVE cover price.
Note these are all the “hot” recent sold comics that your comic shops will not have still on the shelf for cover price. However many speculators will hunt their local comic shops looking for that “hot” book that is still on the shelf – sometimes you find them!
This market report is based on very current constant online sales. Number of sales online above cover and the amount above cover price are the criteria I use for ranking books highest on the list.
(If you spot an error or a forgotten book/price please let me know) Continue reading “Top 100 Hottest Comic Titles during LATE NOVEMBER 2014”

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