Death of a Marvel Villain today

Possibly. According to Bleeding Cool, there is a Death of a major Spider-Man villain today in Avengers X-men Axis #8. Spoiler ahead so avoid if you do not want to know.
From the preview ran today of Avengers X-men Axis #8 it looks like Carnage, Cletus Cassidy, gets blown up. He has a rather odd request for a statue in his honor too. Of course you have to take in account three things; 1. This is Marvel, no one ever stays dead. 2.Carnage is hugely popular and a money maker for Marvel. 3. Carnage could be the go to villain for Sinister Six movie. do not expect him to stay dead long if he did bite it.

9 thoughts on “Death of a Marvel Villain today”

  1. I’m a Marvel guy and I still couldn’t get into the Axis series.. I have zero desire to read it after reading issue #1 of it. I think it’s because I dropped All New X-Men a few months back, it was more a damn soap opera than a super hero comic book story..

  2. I agree with u poyo. I also dropped the all new x-men back in issue 20 for the same reason. It was cool to bring back the original x-men after the AvsX aftermath. Other then that, no big drama and no good action. Good art though

  3. Carnage may be the go to villain in a sinister six movie… but unless Spidey appears in a marvel movie i doubt marvel will be pushing this character.

    1. Pretty sure Carnage is appearing in an upcoming issue of Nova. We never actually see the death of Carnage either. Probably hype to draw attention to the book over nothing.

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