Flash Annual #2 (New 52): A comic heating up

Here is an odd one. Flash Annual #2 New 52, is going for $40 online.
No real reason why, it is the first meeting of Flash and Green Lantern in the New 52. Flash Annual #2 is one of the books that has been showing up on different message boards and communities as a hot book.
Find it. Flip it. Profit.

6 thoughts on “Flash Annual #2 (New 52): A comic heating up”

  1. There are rumours about possible Flash and Green Lantern film in the future? Perhaps, people are more familiar with recent comics such as Flash annual 2. Lesser known are earlier appearances. For examples: Flash 129, 131, 168, 178, 222. Green Lantern 13, 20, 43. Flash Green Lantern Brave and Bold 1-6.

  2. Let’s not forget the (once) RED HOT,
    (thanks to the LOST TV Series) Flash & Green Lantern: Faster Friends 2-parter!

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