The reddit Deathstroke in Suicide Squad leak

This is dubious as it came from Reddit. But it appears Deathstroke may be appearing in the Suicide Squad movie. The original Reddit post follows, followed by the Comicbookmovie follow up:

OK so I apologize if I don’t do this right, this is my 1st time on reddit and my first time posting. The reason I’m posting is because I spent a good hour over at Warner Brothers with a few people; and they did a focus test group regarding the upcoming film: Suicide Squad.
They made this apparent from the focus test, but a few of these things were set in stone, others were still a work in progress.
First thing they did was quiz us on our knowledge on the Suicide Squad; there were a lot of questions about our knowledge on the new 52 Suicide Squad and particularly Harley Quinn. From general conversations, it sounds like Harley Quinn may be the protagonist of the movie.
The director of the movie joined us; he asked whether any of us had watched Speed. He said that that blend of action with a time sensitive conflict was what inspired the plot of Suicide Squad.
The director asked what we enjoyed more in an action movie, a serious action movie like The Raid or a more comedic approach like in the Jump Street movies.
Near the end, we were broken into groups of three (there were 9 of us total) and given a one page summary of the plot, we were asked to describe what we liked and didn’t like.
What we were given mentioned Harley Quinn being needed to decipher a complex series of bombs planted throughout Gotham. Harley is estranged from The Joker, and her knowledge is being used to figure out where The Joker has placed the bombs. Deathstroke is a Amanda Waller’s personal bodyguard, and he’s placed in the squad to oversee that they do not deviate from the mission perimeters. The plot then becomes more complex as The Joker has a far more complex goal in mind.
I’m paraphrasing what the other plots were, but they all deviated slightly. Some had Harley as being a part of the squad, but betraying them for The Joker. The other involved a conspiracy from Lex Luthor which involves working with The Joker.
My final impressions are positive. Before we left the director showed us concept art. Some were ok. The boomerang guy and the witch girl were not that great. I really liked Deathstrokes design, they really gave him this realistic but tech-geared look that is probably the best design I’ve ever seen of Deathstroke.
Based on what I saw, I would love to go see this movie when it releases.

The follow up exchange happened on twitter between the original poster and the poster on Comicbookmovie:
Mind you this has neither been confirmed nor denied. But, the important thing to look for is that it could be based on the New 52 Suicide Squad and that Deathstroke could be appearing. If he will be the same or different than he appears on TV is up in the air as well.

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  1. The New Teen Titans #2 is already a easy over $500 9.8 slab. If he is indeed in the movie and has a impacting role his first appearance is going to get even more pricey for a while.

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