Wednesday open forum

Yeah for Wednesday, the best day of the week. New comic day. Love it. Open forum is where we ask you what your pick ups are, what books your dropped this week, and what is sitting and missing off comic shop shelves.
I do want to give a big shout out to Kshima. He sent me a bunch of books to have signed and CBCS signature series graded by Scott Snyder. I had mentioned that I was out in the cold for 6 1/2 hours waiting for all the books to get signed, including the 13 sets I sold on the site. People made mention that I was insane, that I was a trooper, or what ever, and I mentioned it was all possible thanks to my wife. I said someone should send her a note.
Kshima did, and sent her a gift card. He did it for himself and anyone who got books signed. My wife was extremely touched that the readers of this site would do that. Cheers to all of you, mega-cheers to kshima.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday open forum”

  1. My pulls:
    Batman #38
    Alex + Ada #12
    Bitch Planet #2
    Rasputin #4
    Revival #27
    Sex Criminals #10
    They’re Not Like Us #2
    New Avengers #29
    Thor #4
    Abigail Snowman #2
    Big Trouble China #8
    Evil Empire #10
    X-O Manowar #32
    The extra pickups:
    Cassanova #1
    Dying and the Dead #1
    Munchkin #1

  2. Pickups of the day:
    Batman #38
    Bitch Planet #2
    Dying and The Dead #1
    They’re Not Like Us #2
    Rasputin #4
    Thor #4
    Inhuman #11
    Dark Gods #1
    Transformers: Drift #3
    Harley Quinn #14
    Deathstroke #4
    Fathers Day #4
    Justice League/TNT NBA Countdown All Star Special (catch phrases and cheesy comedy all over the place)
    I usually end up going back at some point during the day. If i pick up a few more things I’ll throw ’em up here. How did everyone else do?

  3. I might actually make it out of my LCS UNDER $50 for the first time all year! lol
    Amazing X-Men #16
    Batman #38
    Deadpool #41
    Deathstroke #4
    Gotham Academy #4
    Harley Quinn #14 (trying to score both covers)
    New Avengers #29
    Rasputin #4
    Secret Avengers #12
    They’re Not Like Us #2
    Thor #4
    Uncanny Avengers #1
    Uncanny X-Men #30
    Wolverines #4
    So here’s a question- How many of you have pull lists at multiple stores? There are two stores that are less than a mile apart and I’m seriously considering starting a pull at the other store just so I can get the 10% discount on variant covers (their variants are cheaper than at my LCS). Anyone else do this?

    1. I have my pulls at one store. I always visit another where they don’t charge extra for variants, they throw them out on the shelves with all the rest. It’s first come, first serve for the most part. Most of the time they don’t care if you pick up multiple copies either. It’s only big hyped comics they’ll limit (the last one they made a big deal about was Amazing Spider-Man #700, two per customer only and both had to be different covers).

    2. I only go to one comic store, it is an awesome store and sadly and the only one within 15 miles of my apt. Anytime they miss something or diamond messes up an order I normally browse TFAW, Midtown, and Ebay to pick up the cheapest copy I can find.

  4. I really have to cool it down. There were a few others I wanted to grab but didn’t. Only picked up-
    New Avengers 29
    The Dying and the Dead 1
    Batman 38
    also, grabbed Iron Man 130 from their wall for 7.50…not bad
    How has Sex Criminals been the past few issues? I dropped it but didn’t want to. They’re Not Like Us- how was issue 2?
    Love the dedication you guys have that run the site! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Mike. I am just a guy who reads comics. I have a lot of help from friends of the site. I still love Sex Criminals and after talking with Chip Zdarsky a few times I am loyal to the book. They are mostly true stories in the book. Including the crying in the rain seeing shrek story.

  5. Today’s Pull:
    Enormous 6 Variants (Thanks Anthony)
    Rasputin 4
    Vertigo Quarterly Black
    Bodies 7
    Death Vigil 6
    Revival 27
    Bitch Planet 2
    Punks 4
    Munchkin 1 reg cover
    Danger Club 6 (how long has it been since issue 5????)
    Spider-Man 2099
    Graveyard Shift 2
    They’re Not Like Us 2
    Gotham By Midnight 3
    Dying and the Dead 1
    Old stuff:
    Ody-C 1 reg cover x2

      1. Since its my day off I reread the first five and then 6, I really like the series so I’ll see it through to the end

  6. Bitch Planet #2 My shop was again shorted and I didn’t receive this title. They said they’ll get it next week so I have my fingers crossed.
    Dying and the Dead #1. Took a chance on this one. It was a thick book!
    I almost picked up They’re Not Like Us. They had issues #1 and #2 available. I’m still on the fence.

  7. I drove up after work. I picked up the last copy of Effigy and they’re not like us #1 & #2.
    I read Dying and the Dead tonight. Really good first issue and I loved the amount of content in this over sized issue. Really glad I picked it up.

    1. I just read The Dying and the Dead a day or two ago and came back to this post to see if anyone else was talking about it… it surprised me, I liked it a lot and can’t wait for #2! It reminded me of East of West a little…

          1. I seemed to be in the minority. I didn’t care for the color scheme. I didn’t think it did the art its due justice. I loved the drawings and thought some scenes could have really popped with a more normal color palette. I’m especially thinking of the scenes underground. Anyway, I loved the issue and I think the story has a lot of promise. I’ll say it again, I loved the over-sized content.

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