Star Wars Hot Topic variant recalled

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Seems that Hot Topic is good for more than Funko Pops and goth clothing(don’t hate me I sound so old.)
They do exclusive comics too. A lot of My Little Pony and Edward Scissor Hands of late, but they did do a WWE Superstars #0 which is worth hunting for. They also did a Star Wars #1 Hot Topic Variant which is going for $178 on eBay. Why? recalled.
star topic

Wonder what that secret is?
Here is the full article

On January 14th MARVEL comics released the very first issue of their all new STAR WARS comic. Obviously it was a big deal. So big a deal in fact, it has been dubbed the best selling single issue of comics in the last 20 years. Part of this was due to the fact that the STAR WARS licences returned to MARVEL who had published STAR WARS comics from 1977 until 1987.
Another big reason for the jaw dropping sales was due to the fact that MARVEL produced nearly 100 different ‘Variant’ covers of the book. Which ensured repeat sells by rabid fans who wanted find the cover that they coveted the most.
Among the more desired of these variant’s was the issue due to be sold exclusively to pop culture retailer HOT TOPIC. The comic was set to release to HOT TOPIC stores across North America last week, And in some places it did appear on shelves, if only for a handful of hours.
On Friday January 23rd HOT TOPIC corporate offices emailed their stores and directed them to pull the issue due to an ad that appeared on the comic. The ad, which was for exclusive POP! vinyl figures from FUNKO, featured toys from AVENGERS: Age Of Ultron that will be sold exclusively at HOT TOPIC. However, the ad featured a MAJOR SPOILER for the film which is due out on May 1st. Stores were instructed to hold the issues until they could be restocked at a more appropriate time.
However, that wasn’t the end of it. Apparently MARVEL is very interested in keeping their secrets, well, secret. According to multiple sources the HOT TOPIC corporate office sent another email to stores on Sunday January 25th, instructing store managers to account for all copies of the comic and DESTROY them immediately. Additionally, our sources indicated that it is likely the issue will be reprinted without the offending ad, but there is no indication as to when or if that will occur.
Obviously the drama has resulted in a huge demand for the spoiler tainted comic. The issue sold for a cover price of just $4.99 but is currently fetching in between $20 and $35 on Ebay. With the news that all other existing copies are due to be destroyed, the value is sure to climb.

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  1. I had ordered 3 copies off their website Saturday night and supposedly went through….hmmmm. Wait and see I guess? What are my chances of actually receiving these?

      1. Thanks,gonna need it. Website says shipped ,but we will see…no tracking info yet,but also no refund to my paypal either…

      1. Yeah same here. Too bad you’re not 100% certain they are on their way, cause the time to drop a few for sale is literally right now!

  2. A few BIN for $150 have gone through as well. More are being listed but this one is hotter than Jessica Alba in her Fantastic Four spandex.. 😉

  3. Fasten your seat belts. This may have just trumped any of the other 100+ variants. Already a small print run to begin with and many, if not most are to be destroyed.
    Recalled books can go for serious money. It’s notmuncommon to hear recall, yet to hear recall and destroy is an entirely different story. As well as the very likely possibility it will be granted the “Recalled” label by CGC.
    Check out some of the other recalled books at
    If it’s due to the grey Hulk on the back it may jump Incredible Hulk #1 up even more but the one to watch out for is Incredibke Hulk #324. I believe that is the return of Grey Hulk.

  4. Yea. . Got an email also indicating it shipped to the store; not my house. I suppose the store manager will destroy my 3 copies – ugh. Should have taken the additional shipping to my home

      1. I called all the stores in Maryland. One close to me orders a lot of comics and collectibles. The guy who answered the phone said they had them but he couldn’t sell them they were to be destroyed. I offered him $20 a copy of he didn’t destroy them. He said he had five copies. He ended up not wanting the money. Every other store did not get them in.
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    1. Maybe maybe not. I just picked up a ship to store Misfits t shirt that came bagged in a white bag. They never bothered to check it. Just pulled the stickers off. Hopefully the do the same for your books.
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    2. When did you order the comics from the day paid til’ e mail saying shipped to store? I may have same dilemma…..

    3. When did you order the comics from the day paid til’ e mail saying shipped to store? I may have same dilemma…..

    1. Depends if you are a Star Wars or error collector. The book will continue to be of value since it seems it is super rare. However it is going to be moving at the apex of its top dollar shortly and people will start undercutting prices. I personally would sell now.

      1. I agree. Sold listings show people are buying it now at $199 price tag. Now there are listings pushing it up further to BIN starting at $249 and up. There are about 6 or so auctions, all reaching upwards of $120 or more easily. Personally I would sell now, especially if you got at cover price. That’s easy money. Now if you’re a die hard Star Wars or Error fan, keep it, hold it, coddle it.. whatever you do with your “precious’s” is your business.. 😉

          1. Yup. The only other reason I say keep it is this might be the Star Wars #1 issue to own years from now. The ethical managers have already destroyed their copies. The lazy managers who don’t read their emails are going to let them slip by without a care in the world. The managers who are aware likely pulled the issues for themselves. So either way, I think this is going to the be the hardest Star Wars #1 to come by eventually. Plus the cover isn’t half bad either.. 😉

  5. Wow……now I feel dumb for not ordering more than 2 on the website for the split second it was there. Jesus.

    1. This is the nature of speculation. For remember this moment when in the future you might experience the other side that is success, and it will feel all the greater. No need to feel dumb because not everything can be one sided and this will go to strengthen your will.

  6. Long time reader of this CHU, first time posting. I was still able to find 4 of these today in Lake Elsinore, CA. They are still out there in the wild.

  7. The star wars comic books that are being re-issued,wont be having the advertisement on the back. get the recalled one while you can if that is your thing.

    1. I sold a Phonogram recalled book (because of a bar code error and is very rare) in 10 minutes last year for over the normal top price. Sometimes these can be very rare. I collect recalled books and have most that have been produced in the last 15 years.

      1. I try my best to also get the recalled editions since they do sky rocket in value. I sold a Sandman # 9 Editorial Edition a few months back for $597 because it was recalled at some point in the 90’s.

  8. Just a heads up, went into my local at the mall and they had three. Picked em up. HOWEVER, the emplyees said they got an email today saying they could go ahead and sell them as Marvel is adding a scene to include whatever character was in the comic add to the newest trailerl for Age of Ultron to be aired during the SuperBowl. They did state that several stores had destroyed their copies as the copies were indeed marked “destroy”. The question remains though…how many copies actually survived?

    1. Probably more than most realize. Wednesday evening there was around 6-8 listed for sale on average. Now there’s 45+ listed with plenty that have sold as well. If what you’re saying is true, the stores that haven’t destroyed them will likely put them back out for sale. I’d imagine Marvel changed it’s tune since the damage was already done with so many already sold and the info was easily available online. Might as well save money by selling what’s already produced and distributed rather than destroy and reprint.

    2. Also, if this is true, we might be seeing the peak value right now which is between $150-$180 on average. Sell’em if you got them, the heat is probably gonna start cooling off if stores are putting them back out on the shelves.

      1. This kind of sucks…but I think it may still have some legs on it. There are 642 hot topics. My wife called about 5 of them…2 which never got them in and 2 that destroyed them. The fifth one is where I was able to buy and they had 4 copies.
        Guess it all comes down to Marvel and if they go back to press for the stores that destroyed their copies…also if they do decide to go back to press, do they correct the ad?
        So many unknowns.

  9. the Hot Topic website has removed the comic entirely. has anyone called additional stores to see if the comic is ok to sell is an accurate policy or just the idea of this one store manager.

  10. i called half a dozen San Diego stores and they all claimed to be out of stock or sold out and would not elaborate on it further.

  11. Maybe this was all a ploy to get people to come buy them since nobody bothered going into the tween store to get them when first released.. I must admit, the store I checked locally, I felt really out of place, I felt… how do I say this.. old and like a creeper! 😉

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