Star Wars Hot Topic variant recalled

From DisFanReview and thanks to Kelly H. for the story.
Seems that Hot Topic is good for more than Funko Pops and goth clothing(don’t hate me I sound so old.)
They do exclusive comics too. A lot of My Little Pony and Edward Scissor Hands of late, but they did do a WWE Superstars #0 which is worth hunting for. They also did a Star Wars #1 Hot Topic Variant which is going for $178 on eBay. Why? recalled.
star topic
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Star Wars #1 sells out, going back to reprint, and agin

star Wars #1 is a juggernaut. The first issue sold over 1 million copies with over 100 different covers. It is going back for a second print. Continue reading “Star Wars #1 sells out, going back to reprint, and agin”

Loot Crate exclusive Star Wars Cover for issue #1

This month’s Loot Crate theme is rewind. Looks like they could be sending out items from previous crates. There was an awesome retro video looking like an old video recording that kind of spotlighted this.

It said items may vary and shows the Slimer Ghostbusters door hanger from last month. There is also going to be a Star Wars #1 comic featuring a Gabrielle Dell’Otto cover. Star had the official announcement.

You can click here to go to Loot Crate’s Web site and use the code “save3” to save $3 on a loot crate.

Hoknes comics offering 10 issue Spec lots

Our friend Terry Hoknes of, and frequent contributor to the site, is offering a great deal. He is offering up a ton of 10 copy spec lots on upcoming books at $1.99 an issue. Continue reading “Hoknes comics offering 10 issue Spec lots”

Comic Xposure making several Star Wars variants available

Our friends at Comic Xposure has teamed up with several other retailers to bring some exclusive variants all in one place.
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STAR WARS returns to Marvel in January 2015 with 32 variant covers

Commentary by comics historian Terry Hoknes of –
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I was six years old in Grade 1 when Star Wars debuted in theaters in 1977. So Star Wars is possibly the most important franchise/concept in my life. So very excited to see Star Wars back at Marvel.
However their new slogan is “welcome Home” which I think is a bit funny since it was Marvel’s decision to stop publishing Star Wars comics completely back in 1986 as sales had dropped fairly low. The series lasted 107 issues. #107 is very valuable now as the last issue that also had the smallest print run. Those facts are true but note that #104-107 are almost the same small print run. The print run in 1986 was 65,000 copies for the final issue. Marvel’s average comic sales must have been fairly impressive to cancel a title with 65,000 considered a failure. In 2014 a print run of 65,000 would now make a title about the #6 best selling ongoing Marvel title and would be considered a great success. Continue reading “STAR WARS returns to Marvel in January 2015 with 32 variant covers”