Spider-Gwen #1 Triple Signed by Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez, and Rico Renzi

Here is a great opportunity to get a Spider-Gwen #1 triple signed by Jason Latour, Robbie Rodriguez, and Rico Renzi.
But as always, act quick, these will go fast.

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, where I buy all my supplies in bulk as they have great deals on them and I reuse the board boxes because they are cool, is doing a signing with the entire creative team of writer Jason Latour, Artist Robbi Rodriquez, and color artist Rico Renzi
$_57 (1)
I can’t make it, but they are offering a pre-sale on signed copies, see below.
Spider-Gwen #1 Signed by Jason LaTour Robbi Rodriguez, and Rico Renzi
Thanks to Rhett. S. at CBSI G+ for the heads up.

33 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen #1 Triple Signed by Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez, and Rico Renzi”

  1. I’ll be there this weekend as I live in the Charlotte area. Apparently CBCS is going to be there. Weighing getting the triple signing this weekend with CBCS, or waiting on the CGC at Heroes Con with just Latour’s and Rodriguez’s sig.

      1. I haven’t been tracking it, but I’ve spoken with some dealers that said it hasn’t been doing too well compared to CGC as far as sales go. I know they had a recall a while back, so I haven’t had a chance to use them yet.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Will you possibly be taking orders for a 3x signed CBCS slabbed copies? I’d love to get my hands on that 7″ Record as well. Let me know! 🙂

      1. Still fine by me. I still think a triple signed #1 is great. A triple signed Spider-Gwen #1 is awesome! 59 still available for pre-order. Do you know what the total amount to be signed will be? I’m guess 500??

  2. Is anyone attending willing to submit these (reg and/or variant) to CBCS for Sig series grading? Being in Seattle makes this impossible for me to attend in person and while I could order and use CBCS to verify after the fact, that is much more expensive. Going out on a limb and need some trust worthy assistance.

      1. I appreciate the thought. Would love to be there as well. Latour just recently dropped out of ECCC which means I can’t get the trifecta I was looking to get there on my Phantoms (Latour, Rodriguez and McKelvie for the Phantom cover), so these would be an awesome pick up. At least (for now; knock on wood) Lemire and Nguyen will be there for my Descender variants.

  3. Hey Loki,
    Have you happen to stumble upon where the Descender variant by Ray Farkes will be available?
    That thing is incredible.
    Yes Gwen is awesome as well.

    1. No, a local shop, Comics Dungeon, had a variant created just for them which will be available at ECCC (or presale to regulars at cover). One of the shops I frequent. Great people. I think the variant is limited to 900 copies or so.

      1. Keep your eye out for Fawkes. He is also scheduled for ECCC. As of now it’s the only variant I’ve yet to track down.

      1. I would also be interested in CBCS signed and slabbed pricing if you are amenable. I asked the store through eBay if they would be willing to submit but they said to be signed and submitted you have to be present.

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