Viola Davis cast as Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller

Things are moving along nicely for the Suicide Squad movie. They have just cast their Amanda Waller Screenrant has announced.
From Screenrant:

it was reported that the filmmakers were looking to cast Amanda Waller ā€“ perhaps DCā€™s biggest badass without superpowers besides Batman ā€“ and Oprah Winfrey, Octavia Spencer, and Viola Davis were all being sought for the role. This was, of course, a pretty strong indication that Ayer was looking to adapt the more classic version of the character as opposed to the much-maligned New 52 iteration. Now, if the latest report is correct, Davis is very close to signing on.

So looks like the first appearance of Amanda Waller in Legends #1all the more valuable. Not to mention, they are going in the classic Suicide Squad direction, which means Suicide Squad #1 from 1987 will be hotter as well. Let’s not forget the Suicide Squads first appearance in Legends #3.

15 thoughts on “Viola Davis cast as Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller”

  1. You figured out my pick of the week, Legends #3… The value should triple at least in the next year for a 9.8 CGC, good luck finding them though for under $250…

  2. are they 9.8’s? because its a 28 yr old comic and the likelihood of them being 9.8’s is rare from the dollar bin. The CGC only has 108 9.8’s on in its database. But I’m sure you’ll make a good profit on your copies.

  3. Thats good šŸ™‚ I collect only the highest graded issues (already CGC graded), but if you can make sell a $.95 comic book for $40.00 your doing very well. Cuz, I figured you guys would cover this comic really soon. I’m holding onto my copies until at least August of next year because people will start getting into the hoopla around then.

  4. Yeah I figure that’s the best strategy because its going to be a little while until the comic becomes extremely hot. Because its relatively cheap right now for a first appearance issue if you know what I mean.

  5. I’ve been lucky though because I’ve been buying up the hot comics right before you guys cover them and making a great return. Thanks for making my comics appreciate really quickly šŸ™‚ .

  6. I need to get mine graded asap because people are paying ridiculous prices for graded copies of that comic. But I still think the loose copies value is too cheap.

  7. Yeah but if its true the value goes way up. I’m willing to risk what I spent on my copies for an even higher profit. Because I feel like Miles Morales is going to be here to stay for a long time, even if he isn’t in the movies.

  8. Yeah I have a complete run of legends #1-6 in NM. I as well will hold on to them till its the right time then sell them as a lot. I got them last yeah from craigslist for $15 the set. Very good price if you ask me lol

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