Wednesday open forum

Hurrah for Wednesday, it is like Christmas in he middle of every week. New Comic book day!

So let’s hear it, what were your pick ups today? What did you drop? Any back issue gold?
What did you see gone from the shelves and what was just sitting there?
And as always, feel fee to chat about whatever you want.

91 thoughts on “Wednesday open forum”

  1. Blank, Yester Year, black/white and color phantom, are the variants I already bought for Spider-gwen. I called my comic shop today asking if I could get a blank variant for spider-gwen, they said they’d only have the regular and Anka variant. I asked if I could get the anka and they said yes and will put it in my box O_O they tend to charge only 7 for 1:25 variants so wish me luck tomorrow that when I go get my comics they actually did put it in my box!

      1. Another comic I picked up and almost passed up was The Black Hood. Art looks cool, skimming it, looks like a really kick ass comic as well.

  2. I’d pick up a Silk 1 ComicsPro Variant from last week’s Comicspro meeting in Portland, while people are focusing in on Spider Gwen and forgetting about Silk.

      1. That’s my prediction. I think she’ll continue to grow with a fan base and since she was released around the same time Gwen was, everyone was focusing on Gwen so Silk didn’t get as much attention.

  3. My picks of the week are;
    Batman #39
    Mortal Kombat #3
    Suiciders #1
    TMNT animation #20
    ASM #15
    Darth Vader #2
    Fantatic 4 # 643
    Spider-man web worrior #4
    Secret Origins #10
    Curb Stomp #1
    Spider-Gwen #1, 1:25 variant, blank variant, phantom color variant, and yesteryears variant
    Also picked up some SuperBoy # 0, 2, 9 and 13-15. All for $1 each.

  4. Spider-Gwen Edge of the Spiderverse question. I have 1st print copies of the book, 4 with a maroon/redish background and 1 with a black background. I have seen two other people mention this on ebay.These are all white bottomed 1st prints. Has anyone else seen these or heard anything about these comics?

    1. Pictures? It’s likely just an earlier print before the ink started to fade, beginning with a heavier shade and tone, etc. I haven’t heard anything but not all prints are exactly the same on the microscopic level that our eyes can always detect. Just like coins being pressed with the same die are never the same, each press wears the die down just a little more.

      1. I’ve been wondering the same thing, I grabbed all of the eosv 2 my shop had on the floor (29) and all were maroon. I bought a few more 1st prints on ebay for cover and one was almost black. Out of the 5 I am keeping for my personal collection one of them is the blackish cover. I’ve seen different pieces of info from ebay sellers. Some saying the maroon was rarer and others the black. The ones they had for sale were the ones they were saying were the “rarer” cover though so ??????? who knows

    2. Yes. There are color variations of the background of the 1st print of EotS #2. This info is too early to have an effect on price yet because most aren’t aware and frankly making enough flipping without this info to care… Yet. I have a buddy looking into this and picking up the color he thinks is rarer.

  5. My definite pulls today:
    Batman β€˜66 #20 (Great read, especially if you loved the Batman show)
    Batman #39 (It’s Snyder and Batman along with some Joker storyline)
    TMNT Animated #20 (This might be my last one, kids don’t seem to be as interested)
    Chew #46 (Poyo was murdered last issue, what’s going to happen, expect more death)
    Low #6 (It’s back!)
    Rasputin #5 (If this doesn’t pick up soon with more plot outlined, it might get dropped. The story being told by the art is cool but it’s starting to not be enough and it seems sort of all over the place right now)
    They’re Not Like Us #3 (This is a good pickup and read, do it already before it’s hard to find when more people discover it)
    Thief of Thieves #26 (Still going)
    ASM #15 (Wonder what’s going to happen in the aftermath of Spider-Verse)
    Darth Vader #2 (Awesome read and I almost like it better than Star Wars alone)
    Fantastic Four #643 (See the picks of the week)
    New Avengers #30 (Things all leading up to Secret Wars)
    Spider-Gwen #1 (Duh!)
    Men of Wrath #5 (Gotta see how it ends, Aaron the master writer)
    Abigail and the Snowman #3 (Good times, I bet this becomes a cartoon and everyone is going to be scrambling for it as it was overshadowed)

  6. Not sure why there aren’t any reviews yet for Spider Gwen. Interested to see how this book does. Silk had rather average reviews.

    1. I enjoyed Silk. From what I could tell, some didn’t like the art either. Some like vanilla, some like chocolate. Read it yourself I say to see if you like it or not.
      As for Spider-Gwen, I know I’m going to like the art cause I dig Robbi Rodriguez style of art in his books. But yeah, the story is going to have to beat EOSV #2. I usually like Latour so we’ll see.

      1. I plan on reading it. I’m talking about from a Speculative stand point. Obviously it would be better long term for Spider Gwen if the book reviews and sales well. Would increase the likelihood that she survives Secret Wars and becomes a staple in the main universe.

      2. I’m thinking she’ll survive as well, but I’m kind of put off by a lot of people that think Silk is a better option long term. There are a few out there that believe Gwen won’t stand the test of time. I don’t see how Marvel gives that cash cow up.

        1. I think Silk is the better read and character long term but since Gwen is getting the Harley Quinn type of fan following base, she’ll be around.
          I’m still rooting for Silk though. I just like the story and character better. I find her back story more interesting and her connection with Peter more interesting since they were both bitten by the same spider.

  7. Black Hood 1
    Curb Stomp 1
    Da4ve 1
    GFT present Little Mermaid 1
    Joe Frankenstein 1
    Munchkin 2
    New Avengers 30
    Orphan Black 1
    Secret Origins 10
    Batman 39
    Fantastic Four 643
    King Prince Valiant 1
    TMNT Mutanimals 1
    Low 6
    Spider-Gwwen 1, 30 various covers.
    I am officially broke!! Hope these Spider-Gwens do well!!

  8. Spider Gwen 1:25 2x
    Secret Origins 10
    Curb Stop
    Suiciders #1 2x-GREAT DAMN READ
    FF 643-
    Batman #39 3 1:25 variants-TOP 10 COVERS OF ALL TIME FOR ME

      1. GPA on CGC still going strong. 9.8 just sold for $261, and a 9.6 just sold for $150. I’m getting some tripled signed this weekend and unloading them.

    1. I have my abused copy for sale currently. It’s already at $10 and has 4 days left. I’ve doubled my money for a damaged comic, can’t beat that.

        1. No doubt. 21 watchers but still at $10.50 with 3 days left.. come on people, you know you want this awesome copy of Gwenny! πŸ˜‰

  9. i think spider gwen #1 will be a bust, probably very high print run and there are over 20 different covers. however it may be a great book to flip.

    1. I agree. Quick flipping will prolly work fine but those looking to hold longer may be left holding the bag. I got a couple phantoms I’m gonna trade/sell, but gonna mostly watch this one from the sidelines.

    2. She’s the Harley Quinn in the Marvel Universe now. She’s like Oprah, anything she’s in turns to gold. I don’t think she’s a bust, I think quick flips will do okay and I think long term she’ll likely keep a demand when more and more people start collecting. To me, buying multiple copies of just the regular #1 is a small gamble that might pay off down the road.

            1. Gotcha. I’m watching, not sure if I’m gonna list a few or wait until all the rest I ordered arrive. Decisions decisions.. One could benefit allowing the quick flips to dry up, causing the price to rise.

  10. Spider-Gwen 1 + Any variants I can find at a decent price
    Batman 39
    Secret Origins 10
    Suiciders 1
    Amazing Spider-Man 15
    Fantastic Four 643 (End of an era and so extremely overshadowed by Gwen)
    SHIELD 3
    Thor Annual 1
    Uncanny Avengers 2 (Really liked the new team)

    1. I haven’t read #1 yet but yeah, Uncanny Avengers looks like it might be good. Can’t beat Remender either, usually good writing follows him around. Really dig the art too from what I’ve seen as well.

  11. Today’s pickups: Spider-Gwen Anka 1:25 for $15, 2 Skottie Youngs and 1 blank. Black Hood Mack variant, saw all of the variants except the Francavilla, otherwise the Mack was the one the LCS got the least of.
    Got a Black Hood Comicspro variant on ebay for under $10. Could be a sleeper

  12. hell yeah, this spider-gwen rush gets me going! heading to Hastings at lunch, they are limiting their variant to 2 per person….

  13. Pick ups:
    Darth Vader 2
    Secret origins 10 x 3
    Batman 39
    Munchkin 2
    Low 6
    Rasputin 5
    Roche Limit 5
    They’re not like us 3
    Wicked & Devine 8
    Also, 3 more copies of WD 135, this time 50% off cover.
    Dropped Intersect. Really wanted to like it, just couldn’t get into it.
    Was also gonna get FF 643, but my LCS still has copies of 642 so I’m gonna wait a bit…

      1. Most don’t realize he was also in Avenging Spiderman #19. If he starts playing a bigger role, might want to be on the look out for that one as well. He’s even on the cover, not sure how it slipped by so many..

  14. Got 3 copies of spider-Gwen #1 at the shop. That’s just what I asked for in the box. Line out the door for this issue and many LCS here sold out almost instantly.
    FF 643 was another that was gone.
    ASM 15 and variants also sold out.
    As for me, I’m all good! I’ve got:
    Spider-Gwen #1 plus yesteryear, phantom, anka, blank, young, heroes and 1:100 variants. The 1:100 is…well…not impressive. Time to flip that and soon.
    FF 643
    ASM 15 2 copies. Always two copies of the spider!
    Elektra #11. Do people realize this is the last issue being published for this cancelled series? The story isn’t bad, but the art is amazing. Pick it up. It’s looked over and short printed.
    Batgirl #39
    Secret Origins #10
    Low #6
    Men of Wrath #5 – I love this mini-series
    Daredevil #13
    Deep pocket day for me, but I have a good feeling these spider-Gwen #1s will make up for it and then some.

  15. The 1:100 Hughes variants were going for $100, $300 and $330 here. I missed out on the $100 book by a literal minute. Oh well.
    Today’s pickups:
    All-New X-Men #38
    Amazing Spider-Man #15 (both covers)
    Amazing X-Men #17
    Batgirl #39 (it came out already, but I picked it up anyway)
    Batman #39 (all 3 covers)
    Daredevil #13
    Deadpool #42
    Deathstroke #5 (Harley cover)
    Fantastic Four #643 (1 regular, 3 variant, and 1 1:15)
    Gotham Academy #5
    Low #6
    New Avengers #30
    Rasputin #5
    Roche Limit #5
    Secret Avengers #13
    Secret Origins #10 (x2)
    Star Wars #1 (third print)
    Star Wars Darth Vader #2
    Spider-Gwen #1 (3 regular, 1 Anka for $10!!)
    They’re Not Like US #3
    Thor Annual #1 (regular cover)
    Uncanny Avengers #2
    Wicked and the Divine #8
    Wolverines #8
    Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1st print. Found it for $10)

  16. Grabbed 3 Spider Gwen & 1 1:25 ($20)
    Orphan Black 3 covers
    ASM 15
    FF 643 (last copy on shelves 30 min after opening)
    Batman 39
    Men Of Wrath 5 (love this series)
    Finally found a small lot of older ASM, got #671 simply for the Mary Jane cover for $1

    1. Nice catch! I preordered mine so I got em cheap. Like Poyo said, Silk is getting overlooked a bit, but these variants have great potential

  17. My stuff for this week, money R.I.P #gone
    Spider-Gwen 1
    12 reg (4 at LCS 8 online)
    3 blank
    5 Skottie young (2 lcs)
    2 1:25 Anka
    3 Campbell Midtown color
    3 Campbell Midotwn b/w
    3 gohastings gwen-silk combo
    2 comicxposure color gwen-asm 15 combho
    1 comicxposure b/w gwen-asm 15 combo
    1 hughes conquest 3 variant set
    1 Wil Portacio
    1 Heroes Variant
    2 jenny frison cover
    6 phantom
    1 phantom b/w
    2 pascal
    2 Yesteryear
    Bodies 8
    Django Zorro 4
    D4ve 1
    Ody-C 3
    Gotham By Midnight
    Spider-Man 2099 9
    Danger Club 7
    Wicked Divine 8 both covers
    TMNT Mutanimals 1 x2
    Effigy 2
    Orphan Black 1
    Squirrel Girl1 2nd Print
    They’re Not Like Us 3
    Rasputin 5
    Munchkin 2
    Adventure Time 37
    FF 643 reg x2
    Secret Origins 10 x3
    Low 6
    Intersect 4
    Hinges TPB
    Sold 3 Lady Killer 1 for 22.50 each yesterday night, they sold within a few hours of being posted πŸ˜€ Thanks Anthony for the heads up.

    1. I thought one shop was going to have some Lady Killer #1 1st prints but they were all out. I did snag some 2nd prints (two of the 3 they had, one was all beat up) along with their last #2 in stock.
      I got some listed but I originally bought two #1’s, just felt right. Now I’m up in the air about selling one or keep to see if it continues to rise in value. Decisions… decisions..

  18. Men of Wrath #5 I’m sad to this one go. It’s been a good mean ride.
    Darth Vader #2
    Criminal one shot I’m excited for this one. I’ve pre-ordered all of the Image Criminal TPB’s and am going to sit on the one shot until I’ve finished the series. I just got book 2 in the mail yesterday.
    Anthony, did you ever have a chance to read Bitch Planet?

  19. ok my pick ups.
    10 Color Spider-Gwen Phantoms
    2 Black and White Phantoms
    4 Secret Origins 10
    FF 643
    Dark Gods 4
    Suiciders 1
    Zombie Tramp retailer variant 8 (Andrew Pepoy cover)
    Nightbreed 10
    Mortal Kombat X 3
    Haunted Horrors 15
    Colder Bad Seed 5
    Black Hood 1 Mack cover
    Chew 46
    Effect 2
    They’re not like us 3
    Men of Wrath 5
    Rasputin 5
    Low 6
    Wicked + Divine 8
    Graveyard Shift 3
    Plus hit up McDonalds for their Old Bay Filet o’Fish. Not sure you guys have these in you area but they are the bomb. I grew up on Old Bay crab seasoning.
    I do not have a food or comic problem.

    1. I was able to get 3 Secret Origins #10 myself. My normal stop had none (he also sold out of all of his Gwen variants within 30 minutes), low order. Austin Books had like 6 total (3 were banged up) so I grabbed 2 from there. Dragon’s Lair had 1 left about an hour after they put their comics out so likely a very low order for them.
      I picked up 3 of The Black Hood covers. the Mack cover is really cool. Also had to get the Francavilla cover too.
      4 of my Spider-Gwen #1 Color Phantoms from Larry came in the mail today. Yeehaw!

  20. Props to Anthony for all the help.
    Heftier haul than usual this week for me (list seems to get longer with each passing week):
    Batman #39
    Catwoman #39 Harley Quinn cover
    Sandman Overture #4
    Suiciders #1 – Jock variant
    D4ve #1
    Chew #46
    Criminal Special Edition
    Low #6
    Ody-C #3
    Roche Limit #5
    They’re Not Like Us #3
    Daredevil #13
    Darth Vader #2
    Spider-Gwen #1 regular cover
    Black Hood #1
    Curb Stomp #1
    Fantastic Four #643
    Lady Killer #1 2nd print
    Phil Noto covers of books that I don’t normally pick up… but being a fan of his art couldn’t help myself:
    All-New X-Men #38
    Deadpool #42
    Inhuman #12

  21. I had a nice stop at a local honeyhole this week. I picked up 2 Walking Dead 67s, a WD 68, an Ultimate Fallout 4, Global Frequency 1, and a Batman New 52 #1 CGC 9.4 all for $100.

  22. crazy day. had to fill some Spider Gwen Hastings variants for some friends, so ended up with 17 (even though on the phone they told me limit of 2). Then it started snowing hard. went to pick up my pull books at the LCS after work:
    2x Gwen reg
    Batman #39 (got around to ordering the Kubert variant today)
    Catwoman #39 Harley cover cause it looks awesome
    TMNT #43
    and there was a Secret Origins #10 on the shelf, waiting for me!
    ordered a ton of Gwen online…praying my Hughes pre-order ships…..

  23. I’m going to Heroes tomorrow to get the variant for the signing. I like the cover. They had some Hughes there, but they were going between $300-400 depending on grade. Not sure that’s worth it..even if I’m triple signing CBCS. Thoughts?

  24. Lucked out, my LCS was closed Wed due to illness, and I was able to go in today and get a few Secret Origin 10s, Fantastic Four 643s and Spider-Gwen 1s.

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