Late offering of Descender 1B from Image causes prices to rise

So here is the scoop on the Descender #1 B Cover which is trending up in price.
I have gotten reports that Descender #1 B Cover was listed late for order, and because of it, some shops failed to get their orders in on time, or had already ordered a bunch of the regular cover, and as a result, did not order copies, or enough copies. This is not a true 50/50 split. I have been to several shops (I am always at several shops) that did not get the B cover at all. People are having a hard time finding the cover and prices have trended up, currently selling for $10. Pair it with another variant, or the A cover, and you will make a few extra dollars.
Thanks to Robert S. from Canadian Comic Book Trade face book group for the info.

31 thoughts on “Late offering of Descender 1B from Image causes prices to rise”

  1. Out of the 3 shops I frequent, only one had them and only a handful at most. I snatched the best one I could find.. so yeah, I bet this one ended up being a 1:10 type variant for the most part but that’s just a guess, who knows until we get some more data in. 🙂

      1. Yeah, that one was a little tough to find as well but my local shops made that one a little easier from what I recall. I think I ended up with two of those.

              1. I’m seeing listings of Cover B titled as Cover A currently. Might be some confused sellers out there where buyers can take advantage. 🙂

              2. Ah, I had to go check, I actually only grabbed one copy of #1 Cover B myself. I did stock up on #2 though when it was rumored to be under ordered.

  2. Image always does this. It really shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Retailers get a last chance to adjust orders, and cover b’s are usually available then. This happens with Autumnlands and Wicked + Divine all the time. Personally, I didn’t order as many B as I did A because I liked Nguyen’s art better. Oops.

    1. This is what my LCS claims as well. He goes to make his orders, the cover B’s aren’t there first round, so he says he misses out a lot of the time.

  3. I bought 5 copies of lady killer # 1 first print at my lcs while others were fighting over descender – those were easy enough to order online 🙂

  4. I just seen they close to 50 a book now …i mut of ran thru like 15 of them things ..i have 4 sets left of 1-3 ..gonna hang on to those

  5. Do you guys think it would be worth holding on to a copy for the personal collection or possible later selling? I’ve sold 10 copies of cover b so far and wondering if would be a good idea to maybe hold one or two.

      1. I had the same feeling. I’ll hold 2 copies for myself. I was going to hold a copy of Pussycats 0 but I don’t really see it gaining after this initial jump in price. Ended up selling 7 total at that same BIN + shipping price.

  6. I passed on these, didn’t like them as much as the original cover, my LCS had 3 of them. Picked up all the ones I like though including 15 BAM variants. Also got one ECCC variant for 35 and two of the pained visions variant (my aunt gave me a 50 dollar ebay gift card so it was like 3 bucks for me for those 3)

      1. Aw man that sucks, well at least you can resell or regift those. I have a ten dollar one sitting around the house that I got 2 years ago. I get my music in more……unconventional ways 😉

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