Spider-Gwen Four Color Grail variant. 

Spider-Gwen is a phenomenon. No question that the Edge of Spider-verse series spawned a monster with this one. One variant not out yet that people keep emailing me about is the Four Color Grails edition.



I hadn’t heard of the company until people started sending me the images but I did some digging into it and it seems pretty cool. They are a variant subscription box service, sort of the way Lootcrate does boxes. But what they are doing is sending out four exclusive variants in a presentation box that stores the variants. Pretty cool. The second book in the March box is Descender #1 Four Color Grail Variant.
4CG Descender #1

They are releasing the next “grail” tomorrow and will cover it when it is announced.

The previous grails, from February were:

Star Wars #1 J Scott Campbell variant sketch cover
4CG JSC Star Wars #1

Secret Identities #1 Mahmud Asrar variant cover (Homage to Gil Kane)
4CG Secret Identities #1

Orphan Black #1 Photo variant cover
4CG Orphan Black #1

Lady Mechanika #4 Joe Benitez variant cover
4CG Lady Mechanika #1


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18 Responses to Spider-Gwen Four Color Grail variant. 

  1. Donato says:

    Is the Spider Gwen pictured in the March deal? So, it’s 30.00 a month for 4 issues they send you(@ 7.50 each)?

  2. Kyle says:

    Might be worth to get a subscription. The Descender variant is wicked.

  3. infernalfeather says:

    I got 3x 3 month subs for this starting this month, 2 sets of variants to flip and one for the PC. Between this and the 1 yr marvel collector corps sub most of my tax refund is gone ( I don’t make much 😀 )

    • But you will make that back off the four color Grails. Look at what the preorder asking prices are on eBay. Crazy b

      • infernalfeather says:

        I will for sure, pre-sold 2 Spider-Gwen’s and one descender for 159. After fees, per comic cost (9.89 each) and shipping its 99.30 being made back for the total ~360 spent so far. Other books will not be as big and for those I can flip between 15-30 depending on title.

  4. Nice tony your always in the know my friend! I subscribed immediately!!! Oh theres also a NINJAK #1 variant exclusive with the gwen and descender set I guess?

  5. They dont really give shipping deals if you order multiple items!? 10 bucks per is hard! RICH MANS LOOTCRATE…

  6. Recon says:

    Just signed up for a 3 month.

  7. Arrowguy says:

    I signed up for this back in February (I wanted the Lady Mechanika variant and thought I would give it a try). I signed up for three months, which is cheaper — so I’m excited to get the March box. I’ll let you know more details when my Feb shipment arrives….

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