Suicide Squad Movie Villain possibly revealed.

Latino-Review announced earlier today who the Suicide Squad movie’s bad guy would be.
From Latino Review:

Meet the head bad guy in SUICIDESQUAD – ANTIPHON who leads a badass terrorist cell called ONSLAUGHT which is up against DEADSHOT & the rest of the Suicide Squad. Onslaught are hunting super heroes & villains for their own agenda. They’re like a special ops team made up of mercenaries. Antiphon is a burn victim & has a prosthetic leg. Ed Harris was rumored for the role. Once Antiphon is officially cast will let you guys know.

Antiphon first appears in Suicide Squad #11 (2001), but tracking down a copy might be hard. Time to hit the back issue bins.

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  1. I think this book has room to grow. Thx for the tip Anthony, combed my comic shop, found a copy and am flipping now on Ebay.

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