Variant Envy: Spider-Gwen #4 NYC Variant

Do not let this one slip by you. Spider-Gwen #4 NYC Variant for $4.99. spidergwen 4
Spider-Gwen #4 NYC Variant
Cover art is by Mark Brooks.
Deals with the day after Peter Died, Gwen meets Ben and May Parker. Awesome cover.
spidergwen 4

11 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Spider-Gwen #4 NYC Variant”

  1. Awesome — thanks, Tony! (By the way, I received my Feb. Four Grails box and was very happy. Along with the noted 4 comics, I received a 1-in-4 retailer-incentive Lady Mechanika #4 as a bonus, which is probably an extra $6 value or so. My only wish is that they would spend less money and effort on the fancy 4GC “display box” and reduce the price somewhat, since most comic collectors would much rather put these comics in with the rest of their comic collection, rather than leave them in a “special box” on a shelf. But, overall, I think most folks will have fun with the arrival of these comics…)

      1. Orphan Black #1, Secret Identities #1, Star Wars #1, Lady Mechanika #4 (FGC variant), plus the extra Lady Mechanika #4 (sketch variant). Same for you?

      2. Sounds like everyone might get something extra in March. Let’s hope you get something extra awesome!

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