Marvel's Agents of Shield tying up all the Wave 3 Marvel Movies?

Ok here is a theory for you. This is based off clues dropped in Marvel’s Agents of Shield episode from the other night. This was forwarded to me, and it seems pretty interesting. But it does seem that Marvel is dropping some clues, and tying everything together nicely in their cinematic universe via Agents of Shield.
First up, there was talk between characters Sunil Bakshi and Dr. List about Baron Strucker doing experiments on the twins (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) and how they survived further into the testing than anyone else. Strucker was first in Captain America Winter Soldier and also in Avengers Age of Ultron. Of course, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were also in Avengers AOU.
There was also mention of Deathlok and an Inhuman named Spencer by Daniel Whitehall. (Save that thought for a moment.)
We found out that Whitehall vivisected Skye’s mother to find out how her powers work.
We do know that Agent’s of Shield is very closely tied to the cinematic universe and could be a launching pad for concepts and plot lines to be tied into the movies.
So does this mean that a fight is brewing between Shield and the Inhumans. Sure seems that way.
Thanks to Nate and Kelly for this one.

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  1. I was told by someone if you watch this show, you must watch Age of Ultron this weekend before watching next weeks episode as it will spoil some stuff for you or something along those lines. I haven’t been watching SHIELD, figured I’d binge watch later on Netflix or something…

    1. The ONLY connection SHIELD has to AOU is this week’s episode (which seemed to just throw the connection in there at the last minute). You don’t have to watch AOU to understand what’s going on in SHIELD….and vice-versa.

  2. There were even more hints if you listen closely to List & Bakshi that Hydra was conducting these experiments all over and together, both Stucker & Whitehall. It also seemed like they were saying we been doing experiments on these inhumans and so far only the twins have made it all the way through. It was then discussed they wished Whitehall was still alive to help this wave of experiments. A few episodes ago another inhuman went on vacation and the teleporter never found him. Couple this with the bodies Mike (Deathlok) tells Spencer about of lots of bodies around and the fact Hydra has learned to track the teleporter inhuman this sets up a lot. Honestly I think Marvel is setting up the MCU to match their comics thus already changing the twins to not being Magneto’s kids throwing 30 plus years of comic history out the window. This is just one more attempt to diminish X-men and that segment in the MU.

      1. You are welcome Anthony. Whether or not Marvel officially says the Twins are now inhumans are not they sure aren’t pushing that they are mutants that it for sure. If this goes on long enough waves of new fans will think start to think inhumans are x-men characters. If a lie is told enough times it starts to become truth.

      2. Heads up Anthony here are some spoilers from Avengers 2…….
        A friend saw it and told me Marvel completely destroyed Scarlet Witch & Qucksilver’s origins even more. No way they can be called mutants now – at 10 years old they witnessed their parents deaths by a bombing, then joined HYDRA and volunteered to be experimented on, and they after the experimentation they have “enhanced powers” So yeah the twins are not mutants they were given powers by HYDRA & Stucker’s experiments. Big sad day for me finding this out and to think Marvel did it to themselves just to make them fit a movie. 50 years of MU history bye bye who cares about long term fans.

    1. I saw Avengers:AoU last night. Yes, Wanda & Pietro volunteered to be experimented on which grew out of there hatred for Tony Stark. But the new origin doesn’t destroy who the characters are. They’re still siblings and have the same powers as in the comics. Alot of plot points in the movie have been tweaked from the comics to serve the story. It’s really not a big deal.
      I found the movie tremendously funny and enjoyable. The movie is a non-stop barrage of action, which can be daunting at times.

      1. That utterly makes no sense. If Marvel wanted to they could have just made it we never met our parents and just have these enhanced powers but no its another Fox slap and long time fan slap IMO. And seriously what does Tony Stark have to do with the twins origins. lol. I guess Tony Stark is the new Magneto. Utter retcons for movie money now. One day these films will be done then what happens to MU continuity and their older fans.

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