Gamestop in-store Variants for May the 4th

Ok, I am late on getting this one up. But you should still be able to grab them in-store. Gamestop had a Star Wars #4 Gamestop variant for it’s Star Wars Day celebration, yesterday, May the 4th.
The good news is you should still be able to grab the in-store variant of Star Wars #4 Gamestop variant. They are selling for about $10-15 on eBay. This is actually part of a connecting cover with a Rewards Points variant. That one goes for $50-60 currently.
There were also four Funko Pops that are exclusives to Gamestop.
Gamestop Exclusive Star Wars Pops include Hoth Han Solo, Snowy Chewbaca, D’an Dan, and R2B1. They are selling for $12 to $20 each.
Thanks to Adam S. for reminding me to put this up.

6 thoughts on “Gamestop in-store Variants for May the 4th”

  1. Was anybody able to order the Rewards Points version? I was able to pick up a handful of the in-store variants, but considering that was probably the second time in my life I’ve stepped foot in that store… it might be a little difficult for me to earn 6000 in Gamestop points to complete the set.

  2. Never get Gamestop variants. I’ve wasted points on them, and they ship them without a board. I’ve never seen a friends Gamestop book come in better than VF- condition.

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