One to Watch This Wednesday: Disciples #1 Black Mask Studios

Make sure you pick up Disciples #1 from Black Mask Studios this Wednesday. First, it is being done by Steve Niles and Christopher Mitton. The book will be a mix of horror and sci-fi. But the main reason to keep this on your radar is it is being developed for TV by Wes Craven.
From Crave:

The Disciples is a new comic book series written by Niles and drawn by Christopher Mitten that merges sci-fi with horror. It is being published in May from Niles’ Black Mask Studios.
In addition to directing iconic horror films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on The Left, Craven has also produced a TV series called Nightmare Café that ran for a single season in the ‘90s. Craven is also attached to the Scream TV series for MTV.
Outside of his 30 Days of Night comics, Niles is best known for Criminal Macabre, Simon Dark, Mystery Society and Remains, which was made into a TV movie back in 2011 on Chiller.
The Disciples doesn’t currently have a network attached to it, but given that USP is owned by NBC/Universal, Syfy and USA would probably have the inside track to pick up The Disciples .

TFAW has already sold out of issue 1 & 2 in advance of release. Mycomicshop hasnt posted theirs yet, so keep an eye out on their listing for Disciples #1

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  1. Great news. I ordered 2 copies from previews from my comic shop. This series sounds good I hope they do make it into some kind of movie or TV show. I will defenetly get more copies though just to see where it goes. Thanks for the tip Tony.

    1. Makes sense. It will be hard to find in most stores since a lot of owners do not even glance at that section in previews. Marvel check, DC check, Image and Dark Horse double check, my order is done.
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      1. 2 of the 3 shops I frequent usually have just a handful of Black Mask. While everyone is nitpicking the Marvel and DC variants, I’m nabbing the great indie stuff most of the time. 😉

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