Hoknes Comics Hot 20 Comics for Late May

Terry Hoknes of www.hoknescomics.com puts out a bi-weekly list of the hottest 100 comics. Here are the top 20 for late May.
#1 MAD MAX – FURY ROAD & IMMORTAL JOE #1 (DC 2015) new hit movie caused surprise demand for this new one-shot from DC and prices shot quickly up to $35.00 in May 2015.
#2 STAR WARS ACTION FIGURE VARIANT #1 2 3 4 5 (MARVEL 2015) Constant demand for the action figure variants caused Marvel to continue the series. The first two were under ordered by retailers with Luke up to $20 and Han Solo up to $40.00. Darth Vader variant now heating up to $10 or higher. An exclusive variant for #4 featured Boba Fett and reached $80.00 with a print run of 5,000 copies not sold in stores. In late April a special limited comic con black and white variant edition of the Luke Skywalker cover appeared at C2E2 and would heat up within weeks to $400.00 a copy !
#3 STATIC #1 AND #40-45 (DC 1993) Upcoming movie based on 1990’s DC character saw debut and scarce last issues in continued demand with record prices hit in May 2015.
#4 WHAT IF #10(MARVEL 1978) 1st Jane Foster who becomes the new female Thor in May 2015. Copies up to $100.00
#5 MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4 (MARVEL 1982) new movie news saw interest jump in price up over $100.00 in May 2015 for 1st app of The New Mutants.
#6 CAPTAIN MARVEL (MARVEL 2013) #14 and #17 features cameos of Kamala Khan the new Ms Marvel who now has her own new series. Sold out quick and went to 2nd printing. Copies so far up to $100.00 each for 2nd printings.
#7 WONDER WOMAN '77 SPECIAL #1(DC 2015) Small print run hefty $7.99 comic had a rare 1:25 variant published with Lynda Carter illustration super popular hitting up to $125.00 month after release.
#8 VENGEANCE #1 (MARVEL 2011) 1st app of Miss America heated up in May 2015.
#9 GEORGE ROMERO'S EMPIRE OF THE DEAD #1 (MARVEL 2014) new movie news caused a giant spike in prices in May 2015
#10 BIRDS OF PREY #1 (DC 2010) 1st White Canary – copies so far up to $20.00
#11 BATMAN #1-9, 35-40(DC 2011) Most issues from #3-9 sell averaging $20-$30 each and #1 sells for up to $100.00. Complete sets of #1-10 bring $250.00. Batman is the #1 selling regular monthly comic book these days and it is the most valuable “complete set” of all current titles. #1 variants hitting record prices up to $500.00. Many later issues are starting to become minor key issues and lots of demand in various variant issues as well. The most popular comic book made today. Endgame storyline was very popular in issues #35-40 and all sold out leading up to death of Bruce Wayne and the Joker in #40 which caused instant sellouts and 3 printings. These issues all popular and range in $5 to $10 range each – sets are very popular.
#12 SUPERMAN #13 (DC 2012)DC new 52 completitionists have started to find issues that have dried up in the back issue such as this issue which due to a lack of copies available rare copies now sell for high dollars up to $25.00
#13 SUPERGIRL #58 (DC 2011) With a new Supergirl TV show on the way demand has jumped for this homage cover variant which redraws her original 1st appearance cover on Action Comics #252 from 1959. Demand growing on this scarce book.
#14 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #53 (MIRAGE 1992) 1st Karai daughter of Shredder in new movie appeared in this 23 year old comic with new demand.
#15 NEW MUTANTS #1 (MARVEL 1983) This massive popular high print run book finally has climbed above $10.00 due to high interest in potential new movie.
#16 JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 (DC 2015) 1st app of Grail – daughter of Darkseid had tons of sales up to $10.00 in May 2015.
#17 UNCANNY X-MEN #148 (MARVEL 1982) Morlock movie rumours pushed demand up for this high print run book in May 2015.
#18 GI JOE #213 (IDW 2015) Death of Snake Eyes and 1st new Snake Eyes appear selling out instantly everywhere with sales mostly round $10.00
#19 DIVINITY #1 (VALIANT 2015) Regular cover sold out quickly and continued to heat up and higher and higher reaching up to $40.00 a copy and the rare 1:40 variant up to $150.00 making this the most popular key issue of the entire relaunch of Valiant comics since 2012.
#20 BATMAN COMBO PACKS #35 38 40 (DC 2014) Article I wrote in Feb 2015 helped cause interest in the rarity of DC combo packs and this one leads the “pack” up to $50.00. Print run possibly as low as 500 copies per issue. Many other combo packs are now in increasing demand. More and more issues of the entire #1-40 combo pack run selling high.
You can See Terry’s full Top 100 Hottest Comics list HERE

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  1. I’m kicking myself for not picking up more Mad Max. I bought 3, sold 2 very quickly. Such easy sales.
    I had no idea the Han Solo was selling for that much. I think I ended up with around 4 of those, time to start listing a few. 🙂

      1. Let me know if you find any.. so if you plan to buy 2, just double your order to send my way.. 😉
        But yeah, list them while you can.. might see a drop after all the Mad Max nutso fans get their copy.. and I just saw it last night, very good movie.

      1. Yes. Order it while you can. It’s slated for next week. I ordered plenty of copies off Midtown when they listed next weeks issues. I have a feeling this one will be just as hot as Mad Max Fury Road #1..

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