New Batsuit revealed in today's Batman 41

We have all seen the Bat-Chappie suit that has floated around the internet since before Free Comic Book Day. Turns out that this is not the Batsuit.

Spoilers ahead.
This one thanks to Bleeding Cool.
The actual suit looks like this:

Made me want to pick up Batman #41 after all. I was going to drop after issue #40.

12 thoughts on “New Batsuit revealed in today's Batman 41”

  1. Where’s the cape? Batman has a cape! I don’t like it.. he needs his cape, it’s what makes Batman.. Batman!

  2. can people stop being so traditional about cartoon characters ? the suit may not be the BEST looking thing ever, but its cool, its jim gordon…. in a bat suit, in a robot,… as batman.. im sure most people havent even read the issue yet and are already complaining

  3. I loved the issue and the direction of Gordon TEMPORARILY filling in as Batman. The new suit is a cool Exo type suit that he wears while controlling the robot suit. A cape would be pointless.

  4. He should have a cape that is really those big colorful parachutes we played with in P.E. Class in elementary school.

  5. The suit looks sick. And as for the Cape it doesn’t need it. It looks good just as it is. And I think they might do it like batman beyond and have a retractable cape. Looks good to me.

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