Spider-Gwen Movie?

This one is from Bleeding Cool, it is speculation but an interesting connecting of the dots.
Hopefully this will send Edge of Spider-Verse #2 to new heights. Follow along:

Coming out of Special Edition: NYC, I understand from well-connected sources that moving Spider-Gwen into an ongoing series was a decision that came directly from Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel, the man who saw Marvel Studios start making live action movies, who sold Marvel to Disney, who is Disney’s largest single shareholder, who moved the Star Wars comics license to Marvel – and who is always packing.
Recently, the Sony Wikileaks e-mails revealed a man who seemed reticent to make female-starring superhero movies, citing failures in the past. However later that year, he greenlit a Captain Marvel movie starring the Carol Danvers character.
It may have been a power play over Sony’s plans to make an “Untitled Female Superhero Spider-Man Movie” in 2017. Many presumed it was the classic Spider-Woman character from the seventies, while some suggested Catwoman-alike character The Black Cat from the comics.

We will have to see what the 2017 female Spider-man related movie turns out to be.

14 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen Movie?”

  1. Absolutely agree with Nice T. Silk all the way over Spider Gwen! Still, anything that is not PP going back to high school will be nice for the franchise.

  2. I can see them doing this but I still think this would confuse too much of the standard movie going crowd that may enjoy comic movies but not know all that much about them. I think too many out there would get confused by a Spider Gwen seeing that she was just a love interest in past movies, regardless of a re-boot. I think Silk would be be easier on the casual movie going demographic..which is most of them. Of course this is just my opinion.

    1. Everytime I picture her.. I still wonder how she keeps that hoody up without all that air flow pushing it back off her head.. 😉

      1. I agree. WAY too much time on her phone. Why do I picture this Spider-Gwen thing as a cartoon? Seems like it would fit more.

        1. Spider-Gwen.. Spider-Gwen.. Excuse me, I must LOL my friend’s text….!
          Spider-Gwen.. Spider-Gwen… Does what ever a teenage girl with a cell phone does.. !!

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