The CBCS Original Art Program!

CBCS is proud to announce a groundbreaking and exciting new service for Sketch Covers and Original Artwork… 
The CBCS Original Art Program!
CBCS has responded to original art collectors by creating an innovative new service for our hobby.
CBCS recognized that when it comes to sketch covers, some hobbyists feel the focus should be on the artwork, not the grade of the book. This program was created for these hobbyists and those who don’t feel the need to have grades assigned to their authentic sketch covers.
The Original Art Program (OAP) gives collectors yet another choice when it comes to collecting authentic signatures and artwork.
Your comic book and original artwork (on backing boards or paper) can be showcased featuring the “Original Art” label. No grade, just an authentic CBCS label that states “Original Art.”
Artwork that is either commissioned during an event with a CBCS Authorized Witness present or sent directly to CBCS by the artist, is now eligible for this fantastic new service. Collectors can also submit “Blank Sketch Covers” through the CBCS Original Art Program.
Those collectors who already have unwitnessed sketches in their collection can submit artwork through the CBCS Verified Signature Program (OAP/VSP) to have the signatures authenticated.
Comic books or artwork submitted under the OAP/VSP option undergo the same rigorous signature verification process as the comic books submitted under the Verified Signature Program (VSP).
The CBCS Original Art Program is designed to preserve treasured artwork in our archival grade, crystal clear CBCS cases that include detailed authentication labels from our team of experts.
Maximum size for paper/board original art submissions is 7 5/16″ x 10 5/16″.
Those who prefer to obtain assigned grades for their comics can submit their comics through our regular grading and certification process.
For more information, please visit us at or call our CBCS Customer Service at 727-803-6822 or Toll Free at 844-870-2227.

19 thoughts on “The CBCS Original Art Program!”

  1. Het Tony. What if the art work is from my kid and I want them to authenticate the signature how can I do that? Since he isn’t a famous artist lol. Or my own work? Or do you know how I can find a CBCS authorised witness in my area?

  2. This is cool. Art is art. It’s always sad to see a sketch go for way under value because of a 9.4. CBCS is doing things right.

  3. And if I don’t have a Facebook account? I don’t believe in social media so yeah no need for it lol. How else can I get that info?

  4. does your service also deal with verification of original art panels? i have a page from a 80s Kazar the savage comic that i am curious if it was a rejected or just someone damaged it by cutting the panel in 3 and also find a value, because the finished page is not the same as the panel i have

    1. Hi Sean CBCS isn’t my service. I do signature witnessing for them but am an “independent contractor” and not an employee. Give them a call or an email, but I do not believe they are doing full art pages.
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  5. “or sent directly to CBCS by the artist”
    So we can send in our own stuff…? Anyone know? Would like to send some of my own…
    When I’m super famous I can sell for mega bucks!!! LOL

    1. Yes. If you are the artist and it is sent directly from you I would imagine you can. I would ask Steve Paulus at CBCS, who is super approachable, on the signature witness Facebook page I posted earlier and he would have some better answers for you.

    1. How so? This is something people have been asking for. I submitted a sketch cover that I don’t think will end up a 9.8 but I want the Deadpool sketch certified but don’t necessary need the number attached to it.

      1. I feel one is only getting with this service is art authentication… very very difficult to be fraudulent with artwork; especially if you know the artwork of the artist(s) you love.
        On the flip side, I understand the beauty associated with a slabbed book and that it is attractive. I also understand the dismay at a presumed 9.8 on a $5 book coming back as a 9.4. Lastly, I understand that sellers will use this service; and buyers will pay a premium. This service will work, because of the day and age we live in.
        As hobbyists, I feel that if you love artwork from artist John Doe, than you should be able to recognize a John Doe knock-off piece of art without paying someone else an additional $XX to tell you.

        1. Bill, on the flip side, I used to collect sketches from artists at conventions. I had a very nice portfolio of paid and free sketches, including some great Darkness and Witchblade stuff from Mark Silvestri. I had a ton of great pieces. Then I lost my job due to budget cuts. I still needed to pay the mortgage and bills so I started selling off my original art. The problem was everyone wanted to know if there was a certificate for it or if I had pictures to verify it was real. This would have squashed all doubt and I probably would have gotten back what I put into it (time and money).

      2. I understand. The whole thing just doesn’t sit well with me. I do use photos though for autugraphs and original art. That seems to work well and cuts out these middlemen. Something to consider instead of paying someone to tell you the artwork you got from the artist is real.

        1. I did too. Up until the computer I had them in crashed. In fact, when I do signings here I put up the flier for it as well as the photos from the signing in case anyone wants to re-sell them (which I am totally cool if people do that).
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