Sunday Quick Hits

Here are some of the things that have transpired this weekend, a wrap up of other news.

First up, with Secret Wars going on, the question has come up (why, but other than that) what will happen to Spider-Gwen. With just 6 issues in, will she continue after Secret Wars. So, will she be around the All New Marvel Universe, or something else. We will find out this Wednesday according to Bleeding Cool.
Speaking of Spiders, Miles Morales will be joining the Marvel Universe proper. NY Daily News let the story break early and it was confirmed by Brian Michael Bendis. Cover for #1 follows (click for larger image). The book will simply be titles Spider-Man
CBR is reporting that Hawkgirl will be getting her own solo TV series. Looks like Hawkgirl will be joining an ever increasing line of DC comic TV shows on the WB.
According to the next Wolverine movie will not be based on Old Man Logan.
That is it for the quick hits.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Quick Hits”

  1. Well yeah from what I heard he said he was going to be wolverine for as long as the fans wanted him to be. I doubt FOX can find a better replacement.

    1. Can’t be canceled if it’s never been aired.. but I haven’t heard any news if the option has expired or renewed. It was 2 years ago I think they mentioned it was being optioned by NBC.. which if it is NBC, there’s a good chance it’ll never make it to the screen..

  2. Even for comic rumours the OML thing has gotten hilarious. We aren’t just reading breaking unsubstantiated news about OML being the next Wolverine film anymore, we’ve gotten to the point where even unsubstantiated refuations of rumours are blowing up on the net. Someone needs to publish that X-23 is going to star in the next film just to see how ridiculous things can get.

      1. Maybe I’m just being crotchety but I’m starting to feel like we’re in a soon to burst bubble (90s style). I’ve seen a meteoric rise in the number of comic shops, all my favorite honey holes have begun seeing other pickers and purely unsubstantiated rumour has been driving books through the roof. Between that at the prodigious rise in variants it’s starting to feel an awful lot like the 90s again.

  3. First glow in the dark cover I see, I’m recognizing it for the omen of the end times it is, and burning my place down and collecting the insurance on my books.

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