Actor Picked for Spider-Man

An actor has been as the successor for the Spider-Man franchise. 

Actor Tom Holland has been cast as the next live-action Spider-Man.
Holland is a nineteen year old English actor, who was born in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom. He is best known for playing the lead role in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Place Theatre, London and for starring in the movie The Impossible. He also played Gregory Cromwell in the Wolf Hall TV mini-series.


8 thoughts on “Actor Picked for Spider-Man”

  1. This is what you call “perfect casting”. 🙂
    Also, there’s a director attached to the new Spider-man movie: Jon Watts

    1. Yeah. There is no spec on this one but it is news as he could appear in other Marvel movies. Also, don’t forget to look for copies of the 1963 Amazing Spider-Man #1 for his first appearance in a solo series.
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  2. another boring stale actor picked, for an outdated boring comic character, im going to assume his main villians before another reboot in 2022 will be…. green goblin… another electro and/ or doctor octopus and lets not forget what they always do, some sort of tired venom story

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